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Brooks Black’s Miracle

by | Jan 7, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Brooks Black

The day I returned from celebrating Christmas I wrote a piece titled “Here’s Your Two Miracles.” The first miracle was Brooks Black, who is now a nationally ranked high school wrestler. I’ve reproduced the story below, which tells how doctors told his parents that  “(The unborn child) probably would not be suitable for life” and hinted an abortion was in order. They chose life.

The Blacks saw the story and wrote the following:

Hello Dave,

My name is Gerry Black and I am the father of Brooks Black. My wife Pam and I saw your article on the internet and were thrilled that you posted it for all to see. As born again Christians, it did our heart good to know that this story is out there for others to see with the hopes that it may make a difference if only in saving one life. We have shared this with many friends and with those who were in need of some sort of hope whether it was concerning a child or any other aspect of faith to let people know that with Christ all things are possible.

Thank you for noticing and posting and also for the NRL News.

God Bless and have a Happy New Year,

The Blacks

In case you missed it the first time, I’m re-running, “Here’s Your Two Miracles,” which also includes the remarkable story of Kristi and Paul Rhodes

Two uplifting life-affirming stories that came in just after I left to celebrate Christmas. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Brooks Black is a nationally ranked wrestler at Blair Academy in Blairstown, New Jersey. As Jon Buzby writes of 6-foot-3, 250 pounds Brooks, he “can thank his parents for making a correct, critical decision about him before the junior heavyweight ever saw the light of day, let alone his first wrestling mat.”  

His mother, Pam, was 16 weeks pregnant with her second child “when the doctor told her and her husband Gerry that they should consider other options rather than trying to give birth.” Buzby writes.

“I’ll never forget it,” Gerry said. ‘The doctor told us, ‘(The unborn child) probably would not be suitable for life.’ And although they couldn’t tell us directly, they were more or less telling us we should consider aborting the pregnancy.” Gerry says they never gave it a second thought. Instead, the born-again Christians had faith and prayed over the mother and the baby.

“We were never panicked about it,” Gerry recalls. “Ironically, before we even faced the decision, my mother-in-law predicted that Brooks would be special.”

Now, according to Buzby, Brooks is considered by most to be the top heavyweight wrestler in the country. His coach says, “Brooks’ best days are ahead of him.”

To which Buzby adds, “Eighteen years ago, his parents thought the same thing.” (The full story appears at

A different kind of powerfully uplifting story comes from The Daily News Journal, which serves  the Murfreesboro, Tennessee community. What Kristi and Paul Rhodes have gone through is the kind of reminder we need periodically to help us remember that miracles can come in the midst of the most difficult times and see us through those tough, tough times.

You will want to read ‘Here’s your miracle: After nearly a dozen miscarriages, family brings home healthy baby,” so let me offer highlights.

“After losing 10 pregnancies over the course of their 10-year marriage, Kristi and Paul Rhodes of Murfreesboro figured the 11th would suffer the same fate,” writes Nancy DeGennaro. “But they were very wrong.” The back story to the birth of their now 4-month-old  daughter Savannah is nothing short of incredible.

Kristi didn’t even know she was pregnant when she was told she needed surgery as a follow up to problems that followed gastric bypass surgery she’d undergone in 2005. When she went in for pre-opt testing “she found out about her little surprise: she was pregnant.”

She put off the surgery, went to an obstetrician who specialized in high-risk pregnancies, and found that a hormone issue likely explained Kristi’s miscarriages. The doctor prescribed medications for both medical issues.

“I’d have an ultrasound a week. Every day was like a ticking time bomb for me … I was just waiting to miscarry,” Kristi said. But on August 5, 2011l Savannah was born.

“I still was in disbelief. Literally, it took them showing her to me for me to believe,” Kristi told DeGennaro, who writes, “Paul walked over to her and leaned over to say, ‘Here’s your miracle.’”

Her big brother Caleb, who is adopted, is very protective of his baby sister, DeGennaro writes. He “has had lots of fun helping with Savannah, too. ‘He says we’re not her parents, he is. He says he owns her,’ Paul joked.”

But as well as things have turned out for Savannah, Kristi still has medical issues, has lost her job,  and the family finances have “tanked,” according to DeGennaro. If that weren’ t difficult enough, their house was burglarized and they “had to sell almost everything in their home in order to be able to keep a roof over their heads.”

But these are tough, resourceful people. DeGennaro ends her story with these words of resilience and faith

“During the past couple of weeks, they’ve been able to replenish what was lost through hand-me-downs and freebies Kristi has garnered. ‘We’re getting back on our feet,’ Kristi said. ‘It just takes time.”

“Although Christmas may not be as plentiful as far as gifts go, Kristi and Paul don’t mind at all. ‘She’s our miracle and Christmas will be more about family and God than what you are getting,’ Kristi said. ‘It’s all about our family now.’”

[You can read the story  at

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