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Couple Awarded $600,000 in Botched Abortion Malpractice Lawsuit

by | Jan 12, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Joseph Booker

Hinds County Circuit Judge Bill Gowan Tuesday awarded $600,435 to a Jackson, Mississippi woman and her husband in a medical malpractice lawsuit arising from the woman’s botched abortion in 2003.

Daschica Thomas and her husband, Christopher Thomas filed the lawsuit in 2005 against Dr. Joseph Booker, the National Women’s Health Organization of Jackson, and others. “The suit claimed Thomas went into the coma because of a blood infection brought on by a botched abortion in 2003,” the Associated Press reported.

Judge Gowan entered the default judgment in Thomas’ favor on November 29 after the defendants didn’t show up for trial. He made the award on Tuesday.

“As default judgment has been entered, all factual allegations must be taken as true and if those facts establish a legal basis for recovery, plaintiff is entitled to recover,” Gowan said. “The court does find the factual allegations establish a medical malpractice action and is therefore inclined to award damages.”

John Reeves, the couple’s attorney, said, “The court was very methodical in its ruling and very fair,” adding, “Mrs. Thompson and her husband were terribly wronged, and we now have this judgment that we look forward to collecting.”

The allegations in the Thomases lawsuit are against a man whom the AP says has “found himself in controversial situations before.” According to the Clarion-Ledger

“The lawsuit claims that Booker wasn’t the doctor originally scheduled to perform the abortion, but the other doctor was out that day. When Booker was performing the abortion, he allegedly stopped abruptly, said he couldn’t finish it and told Thomas to come back so it could be completed by the other doctor.

“The lawsuit claims a ‘reasonably prudent’ physician would have treated Thomas with antibiotics because of her diabetes, but Booker didn’t. Thomas allegedly came down with a blood infection, went into a coma and needed blood transfusions. The lawsuit also claims, among other things, that Thomas couldn’t have children after the abortion and that her husband lost his job for missing work while caring for her.”

The Associated Press reported last month that Booker has performed abortions in Mississippi for years. The AP explained

“In December 1999, three dozen bags of aborted fetuses and other remains were found buried in a shallow grave behind a business in the Gulf Coast city of Ocean Springs. An investigation revealed that the fetuses came from a storage room Booker had rented in nearby Gulfport, a city where he had performed abortions at a gynecology clinic.

“Booker had pleaded guilty in July 1999 to tax evasion and was sentenced to five months in federal prison.

“Someone purchased the contents of the storage unit, sight unseen, at auction and moved the items to a storage unit in Ocean Springs. Some of the items smelled and the new owner directed an employee to get rid of them, apparently not knowing they were fetuses.”

According to published accounts, in 2003 Mississippi had two licensed abortion clinics and only one now. The lone remaining abortion clinic is on the same site in Jackson, Mississippi, but under different ownership.

“Shannon Brewer is director of All Women’s Healthcare of Jackson, which is currently the only abortion clinic in Mississippi,” the AP reported. “She said the National Women’s Health Organization no longer owns the Mississippi clinic and Booker doesn’t work at the clinic now.”

The Clarion-Ledger was unable to reach Booker for comment.

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