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NARAL’s “Who Decides?” Show the Enormous Difference Your Efforts Made in 2010-11

by | Jan 25, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

It’s possible I missed it, but I think not. The 2012 edition of “Who Decides: The Status of Women’s Reproductive Rights in the United States” from NARAL does not give a letter grade.

Just guessing but perhaps the landscape in the states is so bleak (from NARAL Pro-Choice America’s perspective) that it would be adding insult to injury to say that the nation merits a [what?] D-. Or, perhaps because the country is almost always said to deserve no higher than a “D,” maybe NARAL is now content to list (and list, and list) the many and assorted indignities inflicted by ‘anti-choice’ politicians.

But what do you say when you’ve already written that the sky is falling? “New Report Shows State-Level Attacks on Choice Skyrocketed in 2011: Analysis Shows 2012 Could be Even Worse for Women’s Freedom and Privacy”—that’s what.

“The findings in this report should spur every American who values freedom and privacy into action,” said NARAL President Nancy Keenan. “Last year, we predicted that our opponents would ignore the public’s call to focus on the nation’s immediate challenges, such as the economy. Sadly for women, our predictions came true at near-record levels. Lawmakers waged a War on Women, and as a result, women in many states will see more political interference in their personal, private medical decisions. In some cases, women could lose access to reproductive-health services they currently have.”

You can find the analysis at so let me make just one additional comment.

After dedicating the 21st edition of “Who Decides?” to pro-abortion Governors Mark Dayton of Minnesota and Brian Schweitzer of Montana, the author of the report makes an important observation

“The outcome was quite different in other states. For instance, while former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas (D) vetoed eight anti-choice bills over the course of her tenure, her successor, Gov. Sam Brownback (R), signed five anti-choice bills into law in his first year in office. Kansas tied with Arizona and Florida for enacting the most anti-choice measures this year.

“’An elected official’s position on choice matters,’ Keenan said. ‘A governor can be either a firewall to protect a woman’s right to choose or the person who signs away women’s freedom and privacy.’”

Work on behalf of pro-life candidates in 2010 paid enormous dividends in 2011. In a word elections matter!

Please keep that uppermost in your mind over the next nine months.

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