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NRLC President Explains Agenda for 2012

by | Jan 27, 2012

By Carol Tobias, President
National Right to Life Committee

Editor’s note. Mrs. Tobias delivered these remarks at a press conference Monday held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

NRLC President Carol Tobias

Good morning.

President Obama’s record on protecting innocent human life is abysmal.

The president has given hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars to organizations that perform or promote abortion in other countries. His administration threatened to cut off all Medicaid funds to Indiana because they voted to stop tax funding of Planned Parenthood.

Even more far-reaching is how President Obama is impacting our health care system. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, contains multiple provisions authorizing federal subsidies for abortion, and additional provisions on which future abortion-expanding regulatory mandates may be based.

The law also contains multiple provisions that will result in government imposed rationing of life-saving medical care.

The Obama health care law will enshrine abortion and rationing of health care in our society for generations to come, if we don’t stop it.

The choice before us for this election year will be very clear. We will have a pro-abortion, anti-life incumbent president and a pro-life challenger. We are happy that all the Republican candidates seeking the nomination for president—Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum– are pro-life.

We have an updated factsheet of President Obama’s Record on Life. That can be found at our website,

On another front, the National Right to Life Committee is rolling out a new campaign to educate the American public about the pain that an unborn child feels during abortion. This will be a top priority for us this year.

In a few minutes, you will hear from others about the physical development of the unborn child and the advancement of technology that allows us to understand their pain, along with some legislative goals. I want to address the national campaign to address the topic.

Today in Washington, signs that read “Stop Unborn Pain” will be carried throughout the March for Life. Similar signs are being carried throughout marches and rallies in states throughout the country.

National Right to Life, the nation’s largest and oldest organization, founded in 1968, is the federation of 50 state affiliates and 3,000 chapters. Many of our affiliates and chapters have purchased ads in their local newspapers with information about the pain an unborn child feels during abortion. Brochures and church bulletin inserts are being distributed nationwide. Petitions that declare the signers support for legislation that would protect pain-capable unborn children from abortion are being circulated, and bumper stickers are also available.

National Right to Life has a daily five-minute radio show, “Pro-Life Perspective.” Earlier this month, the show carried information about the pain felt by an abortive child, as well as information on the legislation that is marching across the country.

Two years ago, National Right to Life began working with our state affiliates to get legislation introduced into the state legislatures that would protect unborn children who can feel pain. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act was enacted by Nebraska in 2010. Last year, four more states—Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, and Oklahoma—enacted similar legislation.

Pro-lifers and legislators are excited about this new initiative and we look forward to seeing such legislation introduced, and enacted, in more states this year.

I hope many of you will go out and watch even a small portion of the crowd go by in today’s march. Notice how young the crowd is. Polls show that the younger generations are strongly pro-life, which has been acknowledged by media reports for years in outlets such as the New York Times (“Surprise, Mom: I’m Against Abortion,” March 30, 2003) and the Seattle Times (“Youth Movement Against Abortion,” January 23, 2008).

More recently, Sarah Kliff, writing then for Newsweek, interviewed Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL. She wrote, “And what worries Keenan is that she just doesn’t see a passion among the post-Roe generation—at least, not among those on her side. This past January, when Keenan’s train pulled into Washington’s Union Station, a few blocks from the Capitol, she was greeted by a swarm of anti-abortion-rights activists. It was the 37th annual March for Life, organized every year on Jan. 22, the anniversary of Roe. ‘I just thought, my gosh, they are so young,’ Keenan recalled. ‘There are so many of them, and they are so young.’” (“Remember Roe!” April 15, 2010)

The right-to-life movement is advancing quickly and forcefully. As we make the case for a principled pro-life position, aided by medical and technological advancements, we see the American public moving solidly toward the ideal that unborn children should be welcomed in life and protected in law.

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