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Refusing to Listen to the Voice of Discouragement

by | Jan 12, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

The tagline on the 30-second YouTube video is “Empowering Women from the Start.” Which is to say that this educational ad produced by RTL of Michigan has an uplifting and inspiring message for women facing a crisis pregnancy: no matter what obstacles there are in your path, life is the best option.


Very succinctly the video addresses many of the major obstacles that bend a woman toward considering an abortion: a boyfriend bails out when she is four months pregnant; she has just lost her job; “how could I even begin to think about finishing school”: “they told me I couldn’t do it”—that she was “too young” or “too old” to have a baby. But…

“But then somebody else came along, somebody who cared enough to remind me of what really matters.” This is followed by a young girl who brings the message home in an unmistakable way: “and I’m so glad they did.”

Refusing to listen to the voice of discouragement; reminded what “really matters”; aided by someone who cares enough to care. Wow!

You can watch the half-minute video (whose title is “accusations”).

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