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Talking about Life

by | Jan 14, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

As we end this week, I’d like to say “thanks” to those who wrote back about “Refusing to listen to the voice of discouragement,” a short but powerful story about a short and very powerful pro-life video titled “Accusations” ( ).

The tagline on that 30-second YouTube video is “Empowering Women from the Start.” This educational ad produced by RTL of Michigan provides an uplifting and inspiring message for women facing a crisis pregnancy: no matter what obstacles there are in your path, life is the best option.


As kind of a bookend for the week I’d like to talk briefly about another educational video of RTL of Michigan, this one titled, “Talk about it.”  This 30-second video addresses one of the great under-discussed components of abortion: men, specifically how a man’s reaction to an unplanned pregnancy shapes the decision the woman makes.

This really is an ingenious video. The beginning is the utter silence of the four young men—followed by this haunting question: “If THIS was the only reaction you got when you told your boyfriend you were pregnant…what would that say to you?”—followed by a fifth young man who also wrings his hands and says… nothing!

The narrator’s last three words are great counsel: “Talk about life.”

You can (and should) watch “Talk about it” at


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