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The Hole in the Heart that Abortion Leaves

by | Jan 27, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Kelly Clinger

Within the joyful constraints of producing National Right to Life News Today Monday through Saturday, I try to read as many pro-life sites as I can. When I say there are so many powerful stories that need to be shared with our audience, I am thinking of the likes of “Today, I returned to the abortion clinic where I aborted my babies 12 years ago.” This first-person narrative was written by Kelly Clinger for her own blog yesterday.

Ms. Clinger, a performer and former backup singer for the pop star Britney Spears, had two abortions when she was in her early twenties. I have not previously read her blog, but clearly the pain of those losses remains close to the surface. Explaining her reaction, Clinger writes.

“Perhaps I was being naïve, but I wasn’t prepared for the flood of emotions that came. I also didn’t expect to be overcome with compassion for the mothers and fathers who were arriving one after the other and were convinced that killing their child was their only choice. I could tangibly sense the despair and the hopelessness they felt. I remember it so well.”

Two of 46 women who entered this abortion clinic in the end chose life, victories she (and Heaven) celebrates.  But Clinger wants to do more, to be able to do more, and she is frustrated that not enough pastors preach about abortion, not enough churches make the effort to reach out to women with crisis pregnancies.  She knows in a way only a woman who has gone through an abortion the price that women pay for searing the most intimate bond in human existence:

“As I left, I tried driving through my tears. How do you get past the heaviness that you feel for the babies and for the women who will suffer depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts, and lifelong regret?”

When the women in my life—my wife and three daughters—joined me and a gazillion other pro-lifers in front of the Supreme Court Monday, we were transfixed by the powerful testimonies from women who  regret their abortions from the bottom of their souls. No matter how often you hear their stories or how passionately you feel about defending unborn children, unless you have been a party to an abortion I suspect we cannot even partially understand what a hole in the heart taking the life of an unborn baby leaves.

We somberly listened to these women (and men!). We mourned for the loss of their children and wept for the heartaches.

But we also took hope that many have been consoled by God’s forgiveness and the assurance that their children are with Him.

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