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What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today : “39 Years Later: Looking Back at Roe v. Wade, Part 1”

by | Jan 18, 2012

By Dave Andrusko


Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun

For the remainder of this week, National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias will provide listeners with a relatively brief but informative explanation of the 1973 companion cases that saddled the nation with abortion on demand.

Justice Harry Blackmun was the author both of Roe v. Wade and its evil twin, Doe v. Bolton, which filled in many of the details left open in Roe. Justices, William Brennan, Thurgood Marshall, Lewis Powell, William O. Douglas, Potter Stewart, and Chief Justice Warren Burger signed on to an opinion that conjured up a “right to privacy” lurking in various “penumbras” and “emanations.”

As Mrs. Tobias points out, the 1973 decisions hoisted a clumsy trimester system on abortion jurisprudence which purported to place limitations on abortion, an attempt to disguise the reality that abortion was just as legal near the end of pregnancy as it was in the first trimester.

What many people may not know or remember is that Burger and Blackmun promoted the talking point that Roe and Doe just weren’t that big a deal. As Mrs. Tobias says,

“It seems shocking now that the Court could make such a sweeping ruling and assure Americans in almost the same breath that it did not create a ‘right’ to abortion. But that is exactly what happened. The Chief Justice of the Court, Warren Burger wrote that the ruling would not have ‘sweeping consequences.’ Even Harry Blackmun who wrote the majority opinion proposes a press release that would stress that the ruling did not mean ‘abortion on demand.’”

No one can know if either—especially Blackmun—even marginally believed this. What we do know is that in short order Justice Blackmun became the vocal champion of unfettered abortion on demand.

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