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When Men “Never have the time”…

by | Jan 21, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

You never know which stories you write will generate a lot of reader feedback, although when I talk about videos people almost always like them. Earlier this week I wrote about two videos produced by Right to Life of Michigan. Today, after a brief summary of those first two videos, I’d like to end the week by mentioning the other two in the series.

“Accusations” provides an uplifting and inspiring message for women facing a crisis pregnancy: no matter what obstacles there are in your path, life is the best option. The video addresses many of the major obstacles that bend a woman toward considering an abortion: a boyfriend bails out when she is four months pregnant; she has just lost her job; “how could I even begin to think about finishing school”; “they told me that I couldn’t do it”—that she was “too young” or “too old” to have a baby.


“Talk about it” is a genuinely ingenious video. The beginning is the utter silence of the four young men—followed by this haunting question: “If THIS was the only reaction you got when you told your boyfriend you were pregnant…what would that say to you?”—followed by a fifth young man who also wrings his hands and says… nothing!

“Silent Treatment” is a variation. The father tries to make up for the silence that had culminated in an abortion by trying to talk to the mother. Unlike the young men in “Talk about it,” he is genuinely sorry that voicing his too-late concern is…too late.

“Washing” carries an extremely powerful message about the pain and guilt and regret a husband can feel. He realizes he  never had time to do the dishes before. And that was never around when she was struggling…and because of that neither is the baby. It ends with him saying he has time to wash the dishes, “but I can never seem to get them clean.”

You can watch all of Right to Life of Michigan’s videos at

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