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Pervasive, not Invasive: The lies told about Virginia’s Ultrasound Bill

by | Feb 24, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Life Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

Mark Twain once said, “A lie can run around the world six times while the truth is still trying to put on its pants.” When it comes to the breathtakingly false, not to mention hypocritical, attacks on Virginia’s ultrasound bill, this galloping lie is one both of commission and omission.

As National Right to Life News Today has reported from the get-go, far from being “invasive,” the practice of using trans-vaginal ultrasounds is pervasive among abortionists. They use them routinely to calculate how old the baby is.  

The use takes on added significance with “chemical”—RU486—abortions where abortionists have long since raced past pushing the envelope. They are already employing the two-drug abortion technique through nine weeks of pregnancy (two weeks past when the FDA says it is safe), so they really do want to know the baby’s age.

Not content with “invasive,: pro-abortionists turned what they themselves are doing into “medical rape.” Pro-abortionists heaped lies on top of distortions in order to put proponents on the defensive, never mind that abortionists are already routinely engaged in the very behavior they are denouncing as outrageous.

And to repeat for the umpteen time, the law never said a word about trans-vaginal ultrasounds. It said merely that the ultrasound “shall be made pursuant to standard medical practice in the community.”

So what Gov. Bob McDonnell do yesterday? With an amendment he proposed to make official that the law would never require what it had never required!

As passed by the full House and passed in a Senate committee today, prior to a women having an abortion she would be required to undergo an abdominal ultrasound. If gestational age could not be determined through that method, the woman would be offered — but could decline — a vaginal ultrasound, which, as we’ve already noted, abortionists are already doing.

Adding insult to injury, Virginia was not breaking new ground with its ultrasound law. 22 states have laws that require an ultrasound prior to an abortion. Five  require exactly what Virginia is proposing. Why? Because ultrasounds help to save women’s lives.

And adding further insult to injury, the same people who denounced the “highly invasive” trans-vaginal ultrasound didn’t miss a beat when it was made clear no such ultrasound was required (as though it ever was). They denounced any ultrasound (what a surprise).

As the ever-reliable Washington Post editorialized today

“The decision to perform an ultrasound before abortion is a medical one that rightfully should be made by a patient and doctor in consultation. When lawmakers and governors intervene in that decision, they politicize women’s health care. Even now, in its amended version, the Virginia legislation would require an abdominal ultrasound of women seeking an abortion — again, a decision best left to a woman and her physician.”

Final thought. If you simply don’t care a twit about the truth, it is awfully easy to mock/ridicule/paint as an “extremist” those who disagree with you. It is even easier when you put words in their mouths and intentions in their hearts.

That wholly unethical tactic may work for a day, even a season. But the truth will win out.

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