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Pro-abortion Rally in Richmond Promotes Myth about Virginia Ultrasound bill

by | Feb 22, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

It’s no news to you, but once a ‘fact’ gets established in the abortion context (always to the advantage of the pro-abortion side), it is nearly impossible to root it out.

Not to pick on the Associated Press—they are hardly the only offender—but its unctuous coverage of a pro-abortion rally at the Virginia legislature included this: “Both chambers have passed legislation that requires women to have a transvaginal ultrasound before undergoing abortions.”

It is their alleged use which pro-abortionists have spun off into justification for signs that read, “Say No to State-Mandated Rape.”

As we’ve reported several times, (1) almost all abortion clinics already use transvaginal ultrasounds for a variety of reasons, including dating how old the baby is, and (2) there is nothing in the bill that mandates their use. Nothing. The bill has already passed both houses.

So, abortion clinics, by this definition, already are “raping” women.

That pro-abortionists treat the truth like funny putty is nothing new. We just need to correct the distortions—repetitively, patiently, persistently.

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