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Recognizing the obvious: that abortion, as always, is an important issue

by | Feb 10, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

NRL Political Director Karen Cross

The headline in the Washington Times story read, “Hot-button social issues burst back onto radar in GOP race” and the first sentence of Seth McLaughlin’s story is, “It’s no longer just the economy, stupid.”

Pro-lifers, while grateful when the obvious is recognized, nonetheless shake their heads. It never WAS “just the economy,” as important as that undoubtedly is. And just so it’s clear, all four of the Republican presidential contenders—Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Rep. Ron Paul—are pro-life.

To be sure it is true that the abortion issue and the right of conscience for believers can be put on the back burner by a media that is overwhelmingly pro-abortion and equally indifferent to whether Barack Obama gives a darn about religious liberty. But these issues always assume prominence because they are (1) foundational, and (2) there is an immense chasm between the two parties: overwhelmingly, Republicans are pro-life; Democrats, with some exceptions, are pro-abortion.

While McLaughlin understands the dynamic, others pretend that if they pretend abortion isn’t important, it won’t be. Consider the silly comment Barbara Walters made yesterday on “The View.” Walters said,

”First of all, it is interesting in every primary the subject of abortion comes up and it is always so controversial and so divisive and yet in the actual election, it plays a very small part. I always find that fascinating. It’s always an issue, but people, with it all, do not vote for the president on that issue.”

NRL Political Director Karen Cross did a beautiful job debunking that myth (

“Even if the media wasn’t covering the issue, pro-life voters would still vote their values.  They would still vote their hearts.  They would still vote for the most vulnerable among us.  They are selfless and passionate and in 2010, they soundly voted against Obama’s abortion agenda.”

That enduring truth is important to recall and to remember. The closer and closer we come to November 6, the likelier it is that the media collectively will discover that abortion is hugely important.  

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