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Rejecting the “consensus” to “Just get rid of it”

by | Feb 22, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Because I was unable to reach the author, I will not provide a link to a online post that is the kind of message everyone needs to hear…and often.

The author tells us she is very reluctant to “touch the topic of abortion” but feels she “must share my story. Perhaps there are other abortion-survivors who can relate.”

Her story is, in some sense, commonplace, in another sense more of an exception. Her mother became pregnant with her when she was only 17 and she heard all the usual advice (the same now as then): “Just ‘get rid of it’ and move on. Be happy,” was the consensus,” we read.

But her parents—her mom and dad—were made of sterner stuff. They married, which happens less frequently today, and rejected the “quick fix.” They “chose life. And I mean that literally.”

What lends even greater authenticity is that she confides times were often very rough for her family. (Nobody ever said doing the right thing is going to be easy.)

But if being an “abortion survivor” was not enough to make her acutely aware, the author lost a baby at nine weeks. “That experience solidified my perception of ‘life,’” she writes. “There was no turning back after that.” And understandably so.

“I saw that little baby on the ultrasound. Then I lost it. It tore me apart to think there are some people who CHOOSE to dispose of their nine-week-old babies. Did they see them, I wonder?”

Our Teens for Life often refer to themselves as “abortion survivors.” And that is, because they are. Roe v. Wade made every pregnancy problematic, at least in the law’s eyes.

Thank heaven for all those who chose life. Thank heaven for all of you dedicated to helping women and girls everywhere to do likewise. In every sense of the word, you are doing God’s work.

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