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Some Unenlightened Words about ObamaCare and Sonograms from the President of the AMA

by | Feb 3, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

AMA President Peter Carmel and TMA President Bruce Malone

My guess is that the Texas Tribune all but salivated at the prospect of interviewing American Medical Association President Peter Carmel and Texas Medical Association President Bruce Malone. The edited interview which ran January 31 discussed a variety of issues but we’ll just quickly touch two.

First, as we’ve reported at NRL News Today numerous times, Texas now has a strong sonogram law which is in force, thanks to an appeals court panel which dissolved a temporary injunction slapped on by trial judge Sam Sparks.

Under H.B. 15, signed into law by pro-life Texas Gov. Rick Perry,  the abortionist is required to perform and display a sonogram of the unborn child, make audible the baby’s heartbeat for the mother to hear, and explain to her the results of each procedure. In most cases, should the mother still wish to abort, she must wait 24 hours.

Asked how he came down on the law, Carmel went nuclear:

“It is a needless, dangerous interference with the practice of medicine by politicians. And as physicians, we have to oppose all interference that we possibly can by politicians in the practice of medicine. There are all sorts of rules all over the country, with state legislatures trying to dictate what doctors do.”

Of course no informed consent law (which is what this requirement is) makes any sense in the abortion context if abortion is no big deal. If no life is taken; or the life taken is less important; or if the life (whatever its worth) is not allowed to get in the way of “physician autonomy,” then why explain and clarify and wait?

Well, because that life IS important; because many/most women panic when faced with an unplanned pregnancy and may never pause to reflect unless slowed down and given a chance to breathe; and because the physician’s job is not to whine about “governmental interference” but to be sure his or her patient has considered all the variables—especially in a life and death decision!

Two, the Texas Tribune asked,  “Have you been watching the Republican political debates, and if so, what do you think of the rhetoric around ‘Obamacare?’ It’s reviled by a lot of people.”

Carmel double-downed on his snideness:

“By a group of political people. In the words of the Bible, we sit and we reverently say, ‘Forgive them father. They know not what they do.’”

To his credit, Malone was more measured:

“But you can’t tell Texans that. Because frankly, I’m sure the majority of Texans at this point politically would not support it.”

Not that knowledge of the situation would deflect Carmel, but I wonder if he has the faintest clue that the majority of the American people—not just “a group of political people”—have opposed ObamaCare from Day One?

Support for sonograms [ultrasounds], opposition to ObamaCare—the exact opposite of what our “betters” know.

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