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The War Against CPCs

by | Feb 24, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

The American Independent is a pro-abortion online publication which employs Sofia Resnick to cover “reproductive rights/equality issues.” Judging by her backlog of stories—including one yesterday—the target most in Resnick’s investigative cross-hairs are crisis pregnancy centers.

Since CPCs/Women Helping Centers are on the frontlines, the Abortion Industry sees them as competitors and will do almost anything to run them out of business. Resnick’s piece yesterday is laughably mislabeled, “The Rising Power of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.”

I was once politely chastised for treating CPCs as if they were all “mom and pop” organizations. Fair enough. Not all are tiny and not all are run by virtually all-volunteers. But it is also true that they remain the David to the PPFA Goliath. And pro-abortionists, especially NARAL, are determined to concoct “reports” they forward to receptive city and county and state officials to try to pass legislation that is patently unconstitutional.

As Resnick acknowledges judges have tossed out harassment laws in Baltimore and New York City on First Amendment grounds. A third—in San Francisco—is being challenged in court with the results likely to be the same. She did not mention the various ways the city of Austin, Texas, has meddled in the work of local CPCs.

What draws her ire? Where to begin? There’s all those nasty states requiring that before mothers make a life and death decision for their unborn children they have one last chance—in most cases, the only chance—to see their child. CPCs increasingly have ultrasounds.

And then there is South Dakota’s law that requires a woman to pro-life pregnancy centers before aborting their child. (A federal judge blocked the law.) Another voice beside PPFA’s? Can’t have that.

Then there are those resolutions honoring CPCs for their work, which often include language disapproving of attempts to prevent them from doing their work. But nothing ought to get in the way of bogus investigations which have written their conclusions in advance.

Worse yet someday, somehow some minuscule amount of public money may help CPCs do their saintly work. But how can that be fair when PPFA only receives millions and millions and millions of dollars to help it abort over 330,000 babies each year?

No doubt to give the story panache of balance Resnick ends with a quote from a CPC director. Naturally she frontloads her response with a question intended to put her on the defensive. Nonetheless, the reader is given a surprising [if fleeting] insight into the heart of a CPCer.

“’I didn’t see that where I was,’ [Rebecca] Lewis said, when asked whether her center engaged in misinformation or misrepresentation.

“Lewis said her center stood for the idea that if a woman has a choice to have an abortion, she should also have a choice not to have one. She said her volunteers were taught not be judgmental of the women coming in. And the women who chose not to have an abortion were given services and material support and tracked for at least a year, Lewis said.

“’We do not condemn a person who has an abortion,’ she said. ‘I never made them feel small.’”

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