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Webcam Abortions: the “mega moneymaker”

by | Feb 7, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

As I mentioned last Thursday, I was out of the office the first part of last week and that I would be using last Thursday and Friday and today to try to catch up. One of the stories I wanted to talk about last week appeared in the Washington Times.

The headline is “Planned Parenthood’s Big Lie: ‘Telemed’ allows abortionist to remain remote and profitable,” by Sue Thayer.  Any story that is written by a former Planned Parenthood employee (Thayer tells us that beginning in 1991 she worked in Storm Lake, Iowa, “first as a family planning assistant, then as a manager”) is always wonderful news, often very informative.

For our purposes, the most important insight/confirmation is what happened in 2008 when Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa (now known as Planned Parenthood of the Heartland) “required our clinic to begin ‘telemed abortions.’” [Her clinic had “provided only family planning services.”]

Also known as webcam abortions, “Telemed abortion is the practice by which an abortion doctor from a remote location simply presses a button, which opens a drawer containing the dangerous abortion pill, after a brief teleconference call with the woman,” Thayer writes.

Thayer explains what this all means in straightforward, euphemism-free language.

“Telemed abortion doesn’t only result in the death of an unborn child; it strips women of their dignity by denying them the courtesy of an in-person visit from a doctor concerned for their health and well-being. It risks their lives by sending them away with no support and a drug that has led to massive bleeding and hemorrhaging, infection and even death.”

The reason given to Thayer by her superiors? What we have discussed so often as the real reason PPFA is aggressively pushing webcam abortions: “the financial benefits of not having to worry about or pay for specialized equipment, staff and a traveling physician–all required with surgical abortions.” For her trouble, Thayer was downsized out of a job.

Take a minute and read Thayer’s opinion piece at  If you don’t have time, please remember this conclusion from Thayer:

“The final veil had been lifted and Planned Parenthood’s big lie was exposed: Planned Parenthood is not about helping women access health care. Instead, it is about making money. And abortion is its moneymaker. Telemed abortion is its mega moneymaker.”

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