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What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Protecting Female Children from Gendercide”

by | Feb 14, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

CMA Editor Dr. Rajendra Kale

National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias begins this week of PLP programs with one of the most disturbing stories of 2011: the growing realization that hundreds of millions of females are “missing” because of the sex-selective abortions, also known as gendercide.

Mrs. Tobias uses as a focal point that stir caused when Canadian Medical Association editor-in-chief Dr. Rajendra Kale called on health care professions not “to reveal the sex of the fetus to any woman before, say, 30 weeks of pregnancy because such information is medically irrelevant and in some cases harmful.”  This is important in and of itself—even some “pro-choicers” blanche at targeting unborn females BECAUSE they are female—but also because  it “tackles directly those who are skeptical ‘female feticide’ is occurring in Canada and the United States, or who believe it is too small a problem to bother with.”

Mrs. Tobias’s broadcast today, which can be heard at, then moves on to further evidence of the extraordinary impact of gendercide, in this case China. She explains

“You might recall that last July we discussed a study in the British medical journal, The Lancet, which reported that there are 914 girls younger than six for every 1,000 boys – the lowest ratio since 1947.  And according to CNN, ‘selective abortion accounts for 2-4 percent of female pregnancies and the practice has increased by a massive 170 percent in the last decade…’”

Mrs. Tobias also cites a 2009 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the strongest evidence for this of sex-selection is by people from India, China, Korean, Vietnam, and Philippines.

Dr. Kale’s call for sanity (unsurprisingly) fell on rock hard ground in the pro-abortion feminist community. But as he told reporters for the Canadian newspaper, the National Post, female feticide is “the worst form of discrimination against women. . . . They’re saying (to women), ‘we don’t want you,’ and that’s extreme.”

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