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What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Tending the Right to Life Garden, Part 2”

by | Feb 8, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

NRLC President Carol Tobias

On Monday National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias  shared a poetic observation by National Right to Life’s Education and Research Director. She explained, “Dr. Randall O’Bannon says that education is a lot like gardening. You pull the weeds, till the soil, plant the seeds, and watch for bugs.  And you wait.  You don’t get your flowers or vegetables for weeks, or even months.  But there is no harvest unless you do that tough work months ahead of time.”

With that as a foundation, Mrs. Tobias fills in additional details today to back her assertion that we may look back at 2011 as the first fruits of another sustained pro-life educational campaign. For example, thanks to the work of the NRLC Education Department, the truth about PPFA is gradually seeping out.

For example, In the past few years, we have stepped up our efforts, not only telling people of Planned Parenthood’s abortion connections (PPFA is the largest abortion provide in the world), but detailing how the group has increased and expanded its abortion business. The chain is now responsible for more than a quarter of ALL the abortions performed every year in the U.S.

Mrs. Tobias discusses the huge array of factsheets and articles that reveal how the 329,445 abortions performed in Planned Parenthood clinics in 2010 translated, at current rates, to almost  $150 million in revenue. “The real number is likely to be considerably more, as Planned Parenthood clinics advertise and perform more expensive chemical and later surgical abortions,” she explains.

Most of all National Right to Life’s Educational Trust Fund challenged the totally misleading PPFA assertion that abortion was a small part of its business. In fact, “Our research, using Planned Parenthood’s own figures, revealed how essential abortion was to Planned Parenthood’s financial bottom line,” according to Mrs. Tobias. “Abortion not only accounts directly for a third or more of PPFA’s total clinic revenues, but it is connected also to many ancillary services sold to pregnant women with the abortion or to women coming to the clinic for abortion that receive other services after they find out they are not pregnant.”

And what more damning indictment can you make than how abortions increased at Planned Parenthood at a rate that very neatly paralleled the rate of increase in government funding. As  Mrs. Tobias put it, “The real story on Planned Parenthood is out and the old P.R. campaign isn’t working as well as it used to.”

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