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British General Medical Council Bans Three from Performing Abortions after Investigating Reporting Shows Willingness to perform sex-selective abortions

by | Mar 15, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Last month when The Daily Telegraph’s undercover investigation demonstrated that women were being granted illegal sex-selective abortions in Britain, a storm of criticism poured out against the practice but also (from pro-abortionists) against the newspaper.

The Daily Telegraph is now reporting that a doctor filmed altering paperwork to hide the fact he was agreeing to an illegal sex-selective abortion has been suspended by the General medical Council (GMC), while two others are facing investigations.

Medical Correspondent Stephen Adams reports that “Raj Mohan was suspended from practicing by the GMC’s Interim Orders Panel pending a full investigation of his actions, which were captured on video by undercover reporters for The Daily Telegraph.”  Two others were told that they “must not authorize any termination of pregnancy or carry out any termination of pregnancy work, either by consultation or surgery.”

According to Adams, it’s likely that all three will face “Fitness to Practice” panels which could take strip them of their right to work.

The Daily Telegraph team captured on film an exchanged between Mohan and a pregnant woman who requested an abortion after telling him she did not want a baby girl.  He agreed and “was also filmed agreeing to falsify paperwork,” Adams reports.

The woman, who in reality wanted her baby, asked Mohan

“Can we put down a different reason?”  Dr. Mohan said that to record she did not want a girl was “not a good reason anytime” for an abortion, before telling her: “I’ll put too young for pregnancy, yeah?”  He then signed the paperwork and told her to book the termination with colleagues.

He then told her to book the abortion with colleagues at the Calthorpe Clinic in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Adams also reported that abortionist Prabha Sivaraman told another woman who said she was “not looking to have this baby at the moment”, because it was a girl: “I don’t ask questions, if you want a termination, you want a termination” during a consultation at Pall Mall Medical in Manchester. 

When she told a colleague to book the abortion, she said it was for “social reasons.”

The third abortionist, Claudine Domoney, was alleged to have agreed to let a woman who was 18 weeks pregnant abort a boy because her husband had a son from his first marriage.  According to the Daily Mail’s Damien Gayle, Domoney said she would ask a colleague to carry out the “procedure.”

“She said after making a phone call: ‘He‘s okay for Tuesday.’ She later revealed she had referred the case to a colleague because she was ‘uncomfortable with the situation.’”

Domoney had been suspended pending an investigation, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital said at the end of last month.

Naturally, prominent British pro-abortion organizations and individuals, under the banner “Voice for Choice” Coalition, had a decidedly different take.  They issued a statement on the “Open Democracy” website titled, “The Daily Telegraph is mistaken: we support doctors who provide abortion services.”  They also wrote, “The Daily Telegraphy’s interpretation of the 1967 Abortion Act is mistaken… [A]bortion on grounds of sex selection is neither legal nor illegal in itself.”

The way the story has been reported in the papers is that while the 1967 is very liberal, to abort a baby on the basis of gender is illegal and offenders risk a possible prison sentence.

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