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Don’t forget Obama’s Job Approval at Paltry 44%

by | Mar 8, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama

Over at “Romney Carries Six States in ‘Super Tuesday,’” we take a look back at the fascinating results from yesterday’s  ten primaries and caucuses. Lots to chew on, with former Gov. Mitt Romney carrying six states, former Senator Rick Santorum three, and former Speaker Newt Gingrich, his home state of Georgia.

But as we gauge what the results tell us, we shouldn’t look at only one side of the coin. This lengthy process is to determine which pro-life Republican will go up against pro-abortion Democrat Barack Obama this November. So in addition to toting up what we know about the Republican candidates, we can never lose sight of President Obama’s standing with the public.

For that we turn to Gallup. And for all the nonsense about Obama’s electoral strength you may have heard, you’d never know it by Gallup’s polling. Obama’s job approval ratings are at a puny 44% with 47% disapproval.

Take a look at the Gallup numbers going back to day one of his administration. He has not been at 50% approval since last June, according to Gallup. You can make too much and you can make too little of this, of course, but Obama’s chronic weakness should not be overlooked when matching him up against potential Republican nominees.

And Susan Page didn’t ignore this, in her article for today’s USA Today didn’t. “His job approval rating on Gallup Tuesday was 44% — a danger zone for an incumbent president seeking re-election,” she wrote.

Page also talked to Charlie Cook of the non-partisan Cook Political Report who highlighted two salient truths: Republican “prospects are likely to rise when the GOP turns to focus on the general election” but (because the competition for the nomination may go on for months) “That day may not come for weeks or months.”

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