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Have You Contacted Your Pro-Life State Legislators and Governors to Thank them for Standing Up for the Babies?

by | Mar 7, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

You have to live in Virginia, I suppose, to fully appreciate the over-the-top tactics pro-abortionists are using to attempt to intimidate pro-life legislators. And, of course, part of those tactics is to then scream bloody murder if anyone utters a peep.

I’m alluding, obviously, to the ultrasound bill which, as amended, is on the desk of Gov. Bob McDonnell. Over the weekend pro-abortionists stormed the capitol beyond where demonstrates are limited (Capitol Square Bell ) to lock arms on the south steps of the Capitol, where they are forbidden. When police moved them out, their Democratic defenders in the Assembly likened them to civil rights demonstrators of the 1960s.

This was just one of the many rhetorical overkills pro-life legislators have had to listen to (or be subject to) for weeks. That pro-abortionists simply substituted insults and screams for truth is not novel. What is new is they are assembling in numbers to drown out anyone who might have the audacity to stand up to them.

The point never—NEVER—was to substitute abdominal ultrasounds for transvaginal ultrasounds. Pro-abortionists objected to any ultrasound, even though virtually all abortionists employ transvaginal ultrasounds to date the baby’s age in early pregnancies.

They covered their all-out objection in rants so hysterical that even an occasional pro-abortion supporter cautioned them to cool the rhetoric. These ultrasounds, she reminded them, are “a benign and routine part of the abortion procedure.”

But if pro-abortionists are the only voice legislators hear, we shouldn’t be surprised if they wonder where are the pro-lifers? We need to ask ourselves, have we contacted our state Representative or state Senator to thank them for standing up to the pro-abortion militia?

Have we given them any feedback that we are the majority on ultrasound legislation, not the militants who scream at the top of their lungs that transvaginal probes (“a benign and routine part of the abortion procedure”) are “rape”? Do they know we have their backs?

It’s easy in the comfortable of our offices or homes to expect pro-life legislators to stand up for their convictions in the face of unrelenting media hostility. Let’s make it easier for them by calling or emailing or writing to thank them for standing up for the truth.

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