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Largest British Abortion Provider Spins Misleading Tale

by | Mar 20, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Ann Furedi

Ann Furedi is the chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service — the largest single abortion provider in the United Kingdom—and a woman who resolutely refuses to declare any abortion, at any time, for any reason out of bounds. To pro-lifers, she is known for many things, but perhaps to our readers for her comment in a debate last fall over “late abortions.”

Her opponent was trying to work backwards—to make her say that by point “x,” surely everybody could agree abortion should be impermissible. Furedi called his bluff and did him one better (or, in this case, one worse): “There is nothing magical about passing through the birth canal that transforms it from a fetus into a person.” Goodbye bans on “late abortion,” hello infanticide. gave her platform today under the headline “Why Anti-Abortion Activists should not intimidate women.” To be fair to Furedi, she never uses the word “intimidate.” But what she is grousing about is the implication that American-style tactics have come to England. By that she means silent, peaceful, legal protest outside abortion clinics who are willing to stand out in the call and encourage women to find a better way.

To her this is “polarization.”

Like most pro-abortionists, even though she can find no end point for abortions, Furedi pretends that there limits to abortion in England. The implication of her piece on CNN today is that there are no abortions after 24 weeks. This is patently untrue, and she knows it. If the child is prenatally diagnosed to be less than perfect, it’s open season on him or her.

Moreover, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, she tells us, operates no abortion “mills.” Furedi can name girls and women who come into the BPAS pregnant and leave pregnant.

She did not offer numbers, but you know as surely as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, that like PPFA here in the United States, likely only a tiny, TINY percentage of women do not abort. Making BPAS sound like a full-service women-helping outfit would be laughable, if it were not so cynical.

Which reminds us yet again, pro-abortionists will say anything.

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