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Leading British Pro-Abortion Organizations in Respond to Report of Sex-Selective Abortions

by | Mar 7, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Ann Furedi, Chief Executive, British Pregnancy Advice Service

Lost in the enormous controversy over a medical journal article justifying infanticide is the response of the Abortion Establishment in England to news that an uncover investigation by the Daily Telegraph newspaper found that abortion clinics were willing to abort on the basis of the baby’s sex without a second thought. Clinicians admitted they were prepared to falsify paperwork to arrange the abortions even though it is illegal to conduct such ‘sex-selection’ procedures.

Prominent British pro-abortion organizations and individuals, under the banner “Voice for Choice” Coalition, issued a statement on the “Open Democracy” website. Its title says it all: “The Daily Telegraph is mistaken: We support doctors who provide abortion services.”

Not surprisingly, Ann Furedi and Patricia Lohr, two of the authors of the statement, are, respectively, Chief Executive and Medical Director of Bpas (British Pregnancy Advice Service), Britain’s largest abortion provider. There are three things worth highlighting.

First, naturally, they trash the Daily Telegraph for employing methods they claim “are highly questionable if not downright unethical.” Their examples are, at the very best, lame.

Second, they write, “The Daily Telegraph’s interpretation of the 1967 Abortion Act is mistaken. ..[A]bortion on grounds of sex selection is neither legal nor illegal in itself.” In fact, having checked with pro-life sources, they may well be right! When you talk about abortion on demand, you should always think first of England.

Third, as Dr. Peters Saunders has written, they inadvertently confirmed a conclusion Saunders has drawn:

As I have noted previously, 98% of abortions in Britain are carried out on the legal grounds ‘that the continuance of the pregnancy would involve risk, greater than if the pregnancy were terminated, of injury to the mental health of the pregnant woman’.

And yet a major review of the literature by the Royal College of Psychiatrists last year revealed that there is no evidence that the continuance of a pregnancy ever involves risk to the mental health of the mother that is ‘greater than if the pregnancy were terminated’.

This raises an interesting question. Are those doctors who authorise abortions on these mental health grounds aware of these facts or not? In other words, when they sign these forms, are they just ignorant of the facts or are they being deliberately disingenuous?

We learn the truth in today’s statement.

[Quoting the statement] ‘Today, most doctors and most people recognise that women themselves do know what is best for their own lives and do take responsible decisions. Hence, most doctors are willing to provide an abortion referral for a woman if she requests it because they understand that continuing an unwanted pregnancy is not good for women or their children, and will almost always cause a woman greater distress than having an abortion.’

So the Chief Executive and Medical Director of Bpas, the country’s largest abortion provider, equate ‘risk to the mental health of the mother’ with ‘causing the woman distress’.

No wonder they are willing to provide abortion for virtually everyone who requests it!

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