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No criminal charges likely after Medical Records Improperly Disposed of by Kansas Abortionist whose license was revoked in 2005

by | Mar 29, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe says it is unlikely any criminal charges will be filed against disgraced abortionist Krishna Rajanna for discarding up to 1,000 records of women who’d had abortions at his now-defunct Kansas City, Kansas abortion clinic.

The medical records from the Affordable Medical and Surgical Services were discovered Saturday by a woman about to recycle materials at a recycling bin in front of Brookridge Elementary School in Overland Park, Kansas. Outraged at finding records which included names, ages, phone numbers, and addresses, she called police. When they did not respond, the woman called her daughter, a nurse, who contacted the Kansas City Star. The Star retrieved the records and placed them under lock and key. On Monday the Star turned all the documents over to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts and on Tuesday ran its story.

“Kansas law requires that all medical records be kept a minimum of 10 years,” the Star reported. “But hundreds of the discarded records were less than 10 years old, dated after March 2002.” When told that by the Star, Rajanna admitted, “Some of them might have been mixed up that way.”

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts “revoked Rajanna’s license in 2005 after fining or disciplining him four times since 2000,” the Associated Press’s John Hanna reported. (The Kansas City, Kansas, clinic closed shortly thereafter.)

“An inspector who made two surprise visits to his clinic in 2005 reported the facility was unclean and that it kept syringes of medications in an unlocked refrigerator. The inspector also reported finding a dead mouse.”

On its blog Kansans for Life reported that “Rajanna was a failed surgical internist who came to do abortions at the Aid for Women clinic in the inner-city area of Kansas City, Kansas. Following wage disputes with abortionist co-owners Malcolm Knarr and Sherman Zaremski, Rajanna opened his own ‘Affordable Abortions’ competing clinic just three blocks away from the Aid for Women clinic.”

The recycling bin is located blocks from Rajanna’s home. Rajanna told the Star he thought they were “old records that are out of date” and would be picked up quickly. The Star story noted this was not the case, since the contents are emptied monthly and were not scheduled to be picked up for three more weeks. Rajanna said he still has documents stored in his home.

According to the AP’s Hanna, Johnson County District Attorney Howe “said his office will examine whether Rajanna’s actions violated state consumer protection laws, which are enforced through civil lawsuits, and it may contact federal officials about potential violations of patient privacy laws.”

According to the Star, The Board of Healing Arts said it may hold the medical records as evidence of a possible violation of federal health privacy law. “If the records are older than 10 years, the board said, it will oversee their destruction.”

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