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Please Download and Circulate Petition to Support Legislation to protect pain-capable unborn children from abortion

by | Mar 16, 2012

By Jacki Ragan, Director
State Organization Development & Conventions Department

After almost 40 years of abortion on demand and over 54 million lost lives, there is now compelling scientific evidence that by 20 weeks after fertilization, the unborn child can experience pain. Yet abortions that involve dismemberment of the living baby continue to be performed frequently on unborn children who can feel pain. The agony such a child experiences during an abortion is literally unimaginable.

NRLC has established a national petition to support legislation that would protect pain-capable unborn children from abortion.  We need your help in getting this petition circulated and gathering as many signatures as possible. 

To see the actual petition and to sign it online, or to print out copies so that you can gather signatures at church or at a chapter function, please visit:

Thank you in advance for doing all that you can to help protect unborn children.

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