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Pro-Life Perspective: “Dealing with Post-Abortion Syndrome Effectively”

by | Mar 16, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Olivia Gans

With over 54 million abortions performed in the United States alone, only the most ideological hamstrung pro-abortionist could fail to grasp that there must be many, many women suffering an emotional aftershock. Estimates are, at a minimum, 20% suffer significant distress.

National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective host Carol Tobias discusses the growing number of resources now available for women traumatized by their abortion. She tells us at, “Now more than ever it is essential for pro-lifers to equip themselves to help the women around them deal with post-abortion syndrome.”

There are books on healing and forgiveness.  There are church sponsored programs that help women deal with their guilt.  There are also Bible studies.

There is also the very important “American Victims of Abortion,” started in 1985 as an outreach affiliate of National Right to Life, that works tirelessly to educate women and men about the effects of abortion.  “My Pro-Life Perspective Co-Host, Olivia Gans, heads American Victims of Abortion,” Mrs. Tobias explains. “As a result of her own abortion, Olivia has worked to see that American Victims of Abortion remains committed to exposing the truth of abortion’s tragedy in our communities.”

AVA’s primary work involves broad-based public awareness campaigns. As you can imagine their personal testimonies are powerfully persuasive.

Mrs. Tobias points out that seeking forgiveness can be difficult for women who are suffering from post-abortion syndrome.  Many say things like, “For me, it was easy to forgive others who had an abortion but it was difficult to forgive myself.  I couldn’t let go and let God take-over.”

“Giving women an opportunity to mourn and grieve the loss of their child is part of that healing process for many women,” Mrs. Tobias explains.

“Pregnancy support centers and post-abortion healing ministries reach out to women to help them grieve in a healthy way.  Some groups have memorial gardens with plaques commemorating the lives of the children lost to abortion.  Other gardens plant a memorial tree or a rose bush.  Some groups have invited grieving mothers to make a quilt square for each child they have lost to abortion.  The mother’s design and create individualized quilt squares, sometimes hand-sewing these squares for months at a time.”

She concludes with an important and timely remainder: “This is the right time for pro-lifers to reach out to women who are suffering from post-abortion syndrome.” 

For a very helpful factsheet on Abortion’s Psycho-Social Consequences, go to

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