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The Alice in Wonderland world of abortion advocates

by | Mar 8, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

On Wednesday when Gov. Bob McDonnell signed Virginia’s new ultrasound law, no one on either side of the abortion debate saw this as ending anything. The fight in the Commonwealth has been taken elsewhere in the country with the same mind-bogglingly cynical deceptions run up the flag and saluted by a compliant and sympathetic media.

The synthetic hysteria ginned up by pro-abortionists—whether in Virginia or other states–masked their opposition to ANY ultrasound requirement by pretending that the law required a transvaginal probe.

It did nothing of the sort. But aided by a welter of misreporting, pro-abortionists compelled the Virginia legislature to “amend” the bill to specifically exclude what in never specifically included.

Since we already are witnessing the virus-like spread of pro-abortion distortions, let’s recall two clarifications we made previously.

Sarah Kliff, who writes for the Washington Post, has her finger on the pulse of the Abortion Establishment. She wrote a piece a little while back which captured the pro-abortionists’ clever ploy.

Kliff wrote

The phrase ‘transvaginal ultrasound’ does not show up anywhere in the bill; you won’t find it combing the legislative text. But after Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick and others speculated that it could be necessary, the intrusive nature of the procedure became a lynchpin issue in the debate.”

On what grounds did Lithwick and others “speculate” that a trans-vaginal ultrasound “could be necessary”? Not by looking at what the bill actually said, but rather at what the National Abortion Federation and other trade associations of pro-abortionists recommend!

Transvaginal ultrasound, as opposed to abdominal ultrasounds, is used because they allow the abortionist to more accurately determine the baby’s age. When you are performing chemical abortions—especially if you going way beyond the point at which the FDA says chemical abortions are safe—you do need to know the baby’s age.

The thrust of Kliff’s column is that pro-abortionists have learned a valuable lesson, a lesson some pro-abortion strategists have passionately counseled for years: they should be “focusing on more emotionally charged issues of privacy and intrusion rather than the choice arguments that can often define this debate.”

Translated: lie through your teeth.

So, to be clear, the bill never required the use of a transvaginal probe. Pro-abortionists pointed to what abortionists WERE ALREADY ROUTINELY DOING and “speculated” such probes might be “necessary”—notice not required! Why? So as to hyperventilate, to scream that women would be “raped” by the use of the probe.

Never mind by that logic abortionists are “raping” their patients on a daily basis. Never mind that a veteran pro-abortionist sheepishly conceded (in a piece counseling her sisters to tone down their hyperbolic language) that ultrasounds are “a benign and routine part of the abortion procedure.” Never mind that truth was wrapped in used newspapers and disposed in the trash.

Such is the Alice in Wonderland world of abortion advocates.

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