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Three new polls Continue to Show Americans Disapprove of ObamaCare

by | Mar 27, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

In Part One of  “National Right to Life News Today,” we highlight some of what took place Monday in the first of three blocks of two-hour oral arguments before the Supreme Court over ObamaCare’s constitutionality.

There is legal and economic and political background galore to President Obama’s “signature” domestic accomplishment. But foundational is what three new polls have reaffirmed: the public does not like the law in general, particular parts in particular, and hasn’t from the very beginning.

A CBS News and the New York Times poll of 986 adults, published hours before the justices heard  arguments on the constitutionality of the “Affordable Care Act,”  showed that only 36% supported ObamaCare either somewhat or strongly. By contrast 47% of Americans disapprove including 30% who strongly disapprove in the poll, conducted March 21-25.

The news release sent out summarized the findings in this gentle manner: “Two years after the health care law was enacted, Americans continue to be skeptical about it.” Lost in the obvious—Republicans oppose, Democrats support—is that Independents oppose ObamaCare by a margin of 47% to 36%.

A new Reason-Rupe poll, which surveyed 1,200 general-population adults found that 

  • “Half of Americans have an unfavorable view of the health care law, while 32 percent have a favorable view of it. Similarly, 49 percent say the law should be repealed and 36 percent would let it stand.”
  • “54 percent of Americans think the health care law will result in the rationing of health care services.”
  • “When it comes to addressing their health care needs, just 23 percent of Americans trust the government. That’s less than half of the 50 percent who say they trust health insurance companies and considerably lower than the 84 percent who trust their doctors.”
  • ”62 percent of Americans believe it is unconstitutional for Congress to mandate the purchase of health insurance, while 30 percent think requiring health insurance is constitutional.”

In a poll of 1,000 likely voters taken for The Hill newspaper

“Half of likely voters want the Supreme Court to overturn President Obama’s healthcare law, according to The Hill’s latest poll. Just 42 percent said the court should uphold the law, with 50 percent saying it should be struck down.

“A majority of both men and women want the law voided. By a 52-percent-to-39-percent margin women are more opposed to it than men, who oppose it 48 percent to 45 percent, a difference that matches the poll’s 3-point margin of error.

“Only blacks (74 percent), Democrats (71 percent) and liberals (75 percent) want the law upheld. While even the youngest voters oppose the law (47 percent to 42 percent among those aged 18-39), opposition grows to 53 percent among voters aged 65 and older.”

Just to emphasize, in the Hill poll all ages oppose; women oppose ObamaCare more than men; and only the most groups which most reliably vote Democratic are in favor.

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