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What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Life Fest Film Festival: Outside the Box”

by | Mar 10, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

The beginning of today’s Pro-Life Perspective is so good I would like to quote the entire first two paragraphs of PLP Host and NRLC President Carol Tobias presentation.

“Throughout history, the best stories, the best films, have always followed the arc of an individual, often small and ‘insignificant.’ The individual is faced with a daunting challenge, opposed by forces much great, much stronger, and much meaner.  Yet despite pitfalls and sometimes insurmountable odds, that one individual goes on to change their world and the world of all around him or her. All good stories focus on the incredible significance of one solitary life. No greater issue fits that bill than the one that transcends all other concerns and interest: the value and significance and worth of each individual human life.  It’s rare, however, that the true nature of that issue gets shared, especially in mainstream filmmaking.

“Most of us are familiar with the Sun Dance Film Festival in Utah and the Cannes Film Festival in France. Rarely, if ever, do films presented at these festivals tell stories which promote the value and dignity of human life. In fact, films like that have never really had a place to grow and develop…until now. Over the first weekend in May, the second annual Life Fest Film Festival will take place in Hollywood, California.  The event is presented in part by our state affiliate, the California Pro-Life Council.”

Mrs. Tobias uses the remainder of her broadcast found at to show what sets Life Fest apart from festivals like Sun Dance or Cannes: in a word it is dedicated to showcasing films that reinforce the intrinsic worth of innocent human life and the profound significance of each life. 

Life Fest has a bold agenda: to dramatically impact the future of American storytelling. How? By “encouraging the developing of such films within the current Hollywood community, and by encouraging the bevy of developing and aspiring filmmakers to make a difference,” Mrs. Tobias says. “The Life Fest is designed to unify the very diverse – and oftentimes adversarial – people within the Hollywood community and the community of film fans at large, in a common concern for the uniqueness of each and every human life.”

This is much in this week’s final edition of Pro-Life Perspective. Be sure to listen at and to share that address through your social network contacts.  For more about Life fest, go to

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