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What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today?: “What Does Roe Mean for Unborn Children?”

by | Mar 20, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias starts the week off with an important question. (Hint, an awful of people will get it wrong.)

“Can you answer the following question?  The Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions of 1973 legalized abortion for how long in the woman’s pregnancy?  Is it only for the first trimester, through the second trimester, or for the entire nine months of pregnancy?  In other words, according to Roe, when in pregnancy is it constitutionally allowable to perform an abortion?”

The answer? The entire nine months. And as Mrs. Tobias points out, if you didn’t know the correct answer, alas, you have plenty of company. She cites one study where 65% of the American public claimed to be at least “somewhat familiar” with the Supreme Court decisions.  But when they asked for an accurate description of the two decisions, “only 29% knew that it ‘made abortion legal in essentially all circumstances throughout pregnancy.’”

Mrs. Tobias then discusses just how far out of the mainstream many abortion proponents are. She quotes from an article by Slate columnist William Saletan who debated Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, last fall over the topic of “late abortions.”

Furedi’s observations are most revealing:

“Is there anything qualitatively different about a fetus at, say, 28 weeks that gives it a morally different status to a fetus at 18 weeks or even eight weeks?  Why should we assume later abortions are ‘bad’—or, at least, ‘more wrong’ than early ones?”  She concludes that “in later pregnancy, too, I believe that the decision, and the responsibility that comes with it, should rest with the pregnant woman….We either support women’s moral agency or we do not.”

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell

And babies ARE killed late—very late. Readers of NRL News Today are very familiar with abortion Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist, who is charged with 8 counts of murder.  One of these is a woman who died at the clinic and 7 were late-term babies, who were delivered alive, and then Gosnell, or one of his associates, severed the spinal cords with scissors.

“One victim was killed at 26 weeks,” writes Saletan.  “Another was killed at 28.  A third was killed at 32.  Some of the dead were 12 to 18 inches long.  One had been moving and breathing outside the womb for 20 minutes.  The report alleges hundreds of such atrocities.  One employee admitted to severing the spinal cords of 100 babies, each one beyond 24 weeks.”

This is the real face of “choice.”

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