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What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today?: “What’s the Fuss” Over Sex-Selection Abortion?

by | Mar 3, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

NRLC President Carol Tobias

You may remember a couple of weeks ago when National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias talked about an editorial that had appeared in the “Journal of the Canadian Medical Association” authored by its interim editor-in-chief, Dr. Rajendra Kale.  In it, he called on Canadian health care professionals not “to reveal the sex of the fetus to any woman before, say, 30 weeks of pregnancy because such information is medically irrelevant and in some cases harmful.”

“His basis for doing so is the growing number of studies and reports that demonstrate the practice of female feticide – that is, aborting unborn girls because of their sex – is occurring in Canada and the United States,” Mrs. Tobias tells us today at, “To back up that concern, Margaret Somerville, founding director of the Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at Canada’s McGill University authored an op-ed in which she asks, and answers, the question, ‘Why is there this huge fuss about sex-selection abortion?’”

The bulk of today’s PLP is laying out the case that Somerville presented in her piece. The genius of Somerville’s analysis is to show how pro-abortion ‘feminists’ are showing their true colors. Somerville writes

“Pro-choice advocates used to oppose sex-selection abortions, but some have changed their position because they do not want to endorse the legitimacy of any restriction on abortion. The absence of any restrictions not only makes abortion more accessible, it sends a message and establishes a cultural value that having an abortion is ‘no big deal’…which is consistent with pro-choice ideology.”

And that’s the crux for the pro-abortion argument.  To them, particularly in the United States, Roe v. Wade made abortion an absolute that dare not be trod upon. As Somerville writes, “pro-choice advocates have long proposed that whether women can have unfettered access to abortion should be the litmus test of whether a society has respect for women and their rights.”

Of course, as Mrs. Tobias explains, “that’s only if you’re a woman living outside the womb.  To do anything that would impede abortion of girls inside the womb would be tantamount to subjugating women as ‘incubators’ and ‘fetus factories’ and whatever other absurd rhetoric the pro-aborts could come up with.”

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