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A Call for a Truce in the War against Unborn Children

by | Apr 4, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

We’ve written dozens of stories about the synthetic hysteria generated over legislation requiring that women have ultrasounds, a one-last-chance to consider—and perhaps reconsider—her decision. I’ve received lots of kind and reassuring words, but, of late, those who disagree have also chimed in.

I appreciate reading their disagreements –which I take to be sincere–and their willingness to take the time to respond, even when bracketed by some less than flattering personal attacks. Let me tackle just a couple of themes that are common to virtually all the negative responses, for my guess is that you hear some of the same allegations.

First, the substance of what I write (or you say) need not be addressed because it is part of the ongoing “war on women.” So, never mind that virtually all abortionists already use transvaginal ultrasound probes. As even Paula Hodges, director of public policy and advocacy at Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, has acknowledged, ultrasounds “are an integral part of abortion care.”

Second, it doesn’t make ones argument stronger to allege that you or I are part of [fill in the blank]—some organization, movement, political grouping that the writer dislikes. Politically, I cut my teeth in the Democratic Party years ago in a state where the Democrats ran everything and were merciless to pro-lifers whom (because of party rules) they had to grudgingly allow to be in the same room.

But whether I caucused with Democrats or Republicans, was an Independent or a member of the Tea Party, what counts is the substance of the argument. And dismissing what I/we say by claiming we are nothing more than a “mouth-piece” for (whomever) is just more hot air.

Our case is simple. Anyone who has ever worked for even a night at a crisis pregnancy center—or even has kept his or her eyes and ears open—knows that, overwhelmingly, the first response to an unplanned pregnancy is panic. Sheer unadulterated panic. In that state, hearing her baby described as “tissue” or a conglomerate of “cells” makes reassuring sense.

Unless someone or something intervenes to reaffirm and bolster the woman, the road typically leads directly to the likes of Planned Parenthood. That woman may never hear a reason not to abort—indeed, she will most often be subtly and overtly bullied into having an abortion.

That ultrasound, especially when coupled with an objective description of her baby’s development, may well be the very first time this abstraction—“cells” and “tissues”—becomes a real human being.

And that is why pro-abortionists so hate us (I use the word advisedly) for promoting ultrasounds. The skids have been greased, the curettage sharpened, and before the abortionist can ply his ugly trade, the woman goes and sees that there is a real, live human inside her.

A ‘war on women’? Just the opposite. It is a call for a truce, and a cessation of violence against the most helpless, vulnerable member of the human family.

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