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From “State-Sanctioned Rape” to “Torture Machines”

by | Apr 3, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Pablo Rodriguez

In anticipation of the dust beginning to settle, pro-abortionists are trying to finesse a truth they bludgeoned during the hysterical campaign they launched against laws requiring ultrasounds prior to abortions. What truth? That virtually all abortionists ALREADY use ultrasounds to make sure they know how old the baby is whose life they are about to extinguish.

So, if abortionists already employ ultrasounds, what replaces the rhetorical overkill that ultrasound probes are “state-sanctioned rape”? If used for the “wrong” reason, they become “a torture machine”!

That’s what prominent Rhode Island abortionist Pablo Rodriguez claims is the impact of giving a woman the option of viewing the ultrasound and (whether she chooses to look or not) describing the child who is being shown on the monitor.

In an article that appeared a Rhode Island community newspaper, one abortionist acknowledged that ultrasounds “are an integral part of abortion care” and Rodriquez admitted, “Already, providers do ultrasound procedures or evaluations on all patients before they undergo an abortion in order to have a safe procedure and know exactly what the best method to use is.”

Boxed in, he tries to run around the reality. He says (as if this is the intent of the law) “To pretend that we can give women a course on ultrasound images in the 10 minutes it takes to do an ultrasound, it serves no purpose.“

All this bill does is turn the ultrasound into a torture machine,” Rodriguez added. “You have to start turning the machine around and start describing every little part of the screen, which is hard to begin with and would serve no purpose other than to scare woman and make them change their minds.”

“Make them change their minds”? Like give them the truth and the truth will set them free?

Barth Bracy, executive director of Rhode Island Right to Life, told the newspaper,

“The abortionists are already doing the ultrasounds, so it’s not a matter of forcing them to do the ultrasounds. When you go into the doctor for anything, the doctors fall all over themselves to try to explain to you everything about the procedure. For knee surgery, they show you a model of the knee for goodness’ sake, and they show you the x-ray: Here’s the problem, here’s what we are going to do, etc. Why shouldn’t abortionists be held to the same standard of informed consent?”

It is absolutely amazing how much abortionists hate ultrasounds, on the one hand, and so painstakingly obvious on the other. Ultrasounds offer the opportunity to slow down the freight train that started with news of an unplanned pregnancy before it crashes in an abortion.

Informed consent? Not when it might interrupt another deposit in the abortionist’s cash register.

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