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Human Biology 101 – a human zygote is not a “fertilized egg”

by | Apr 27, 2012

By Rai Rojas

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a single sperm enters the mother’s egg cell, the resulting cell is called a zygote.

The zygote is full of life and bearing the unique genetic imprint of a human being who has heretofore never existed. The DNA in the 46 HUMAN chromosomes of that tiny cell contain full instructions about that new individual’s sex, eye color, shoe size, brain capacity and other physical traits.

This is how every single person’s life begins – a living cell to which nothing new is added except oxygen and nutrition. By the end of the first week of this tiny human’s existence the cells of human organism separate into those that will form the baby’s body and organ systems.

By as early as 18 days after the sperm entered the mother’s egg the human heart begins to beat. These are empirical truths. They cannot be argued nor are they open for debate.

Calling the human zygote a “fertilized egg” isn’t just intellectually dishonest it is also incredibly dehumanizing. And for those who shill for the abortion lobby and/or profit from very lucrative abortion businesses this semantically fraudulent language is a must.

Editor’s note. Rai Rojas is National Right to Life’s director of Hispanic Outreach.

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