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More Evidence Obama’s Popularity Fading

by | Apr 19, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Thanks to all who’ve written, thanking National Right to Life News Today for helping clarify how polls are already being used—and misused—to attempt to discourage supporters of pro-life Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

There are two polls this week that show Obama ahead, one (CNN) by 9 points, the second (Reuters) by 4 points. Two others—Gallup and Rasmussen—have Romney ahead by 2 points and (as of today) 4 points, respectively.

Let’s use today’s CBS News/New York Times result as a jumping off point.

The bottom line is the two men are tied at 46% among the poll of registered voters. (We’re told the demographic data will be available later today, which is, to put it, mildly curious.) What else do these results tell us?

To begin with this demonstrates once again how deeply skeptical we ought to be of the CNN and Reuters polls. Even more so, as Ed Morrissey reminds us this morning, when you realize Obama was ahead among general-population adults by only one point (48% to 47%) until CNN “weighted” the numbers to come up with a 52%-43% Obama advantage—and without explaining why.

Morrissey also examines the Reuters poll internals and finds that 47% of the people they interviewed were Democrats, only 38% Republicans, and 15% Independents. “That’s only predictive,” Morrissey writes, “if one believes that Democrats will gain eight points over their 2008 turnout, and have two points more of a lead over Republicans than that election provided, according to CNN’s exit polls.”

Let’s return to the pivotal number: Obama’s support—or lack thereof—from Independents. Remember Gallup had him down 6 points to Romney while CNN had Obama up 5 points. What did the CBS News/New York Times poll find? Don’t know yet.

But the Reuters numbers are disastrous for President Obama.  In January the approve/disapprove numbers among Independents were 45/44. A month ago they were 42/54. Now (April 12-April 15), they are an incredibly bad 37/57!

On a separate but related issue, remember the bogus “war on women,” which Obama and his fellow pro-abortion Democrats are counting on to carry the day? A key component of that supposed war is resistance to the Obama mandate that all religious institutions–universities, hospitals, and charities–pay for health insurance that covers sterilization and contraception, not just Catholic institutions.

But in a new Pew Research Center released Tuesday, this ranked 17th—near the bottom—in the issue of important issues. Or, as Darius Dixon wrote, in reporting on the poll, “Despite all of the recent talk about birth control and the ‘war on women,’ a new survey suggests that contraceptives aren’t a major priority for voters in the presidential election.”

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