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NRL News Today Readers Rave about “October Baby”

by | Apr 24, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

In the many, many, many emails that I found in my email box at, you could tell both that “October Baby” was shown on many more screens  last weekend and the impact of people reading NRL News Today’s encouragement to see this fine pro-life movie. The story of a “failed” abortion is making its way around the pro-life community in an extraordinary way. But what these emails also told me is that you don’t have to share our Pro-Life Perspective to appreciate the message of forgiveness and reconciliation.

There are so many different ways people responded to “October Baby” it’s probably best to try to broadly categorize them.

First and foremost is that, in spite of the additional movie screens, people were willing, if necessary, to drive a long way to see the film. And they were rewarded. “Awesome” was the one-word description most often used.

But second only to this were the powerful responses from parents who had adopted children. As you recall, “Hannah” learns in the film that she was adopted after an abortion that failed. The film honestly deals with the whirlwind of conflicting emotions that ensue, but in the end Hannah doubly appreciates how much her parents love her.

More than a few respondents told of seeing women crying in the audience. But not because “October Baby” condemns the birth mother. Hannah learns the indispensable importance—to her as well as to her birth mother—of forgiveness. My guess is the film may have unlocked emotions that have been repressed and suppressed for a long, long time.

Others told me they would be going again—and bringing other family members. Others told me that they were encouraging their youth pastors to make a trip to the movies a Sunday night youth activity. Still others wrote that they had written the producer a note of encouragement. (As is their habit, NARAL is subtly—okay, not subtly—attempting to intimidate the distributor of “October Baby.”)

Finally, one woman wrote me that even though

“our priest said from the pulpit that he NEVER recommends movies  this was such a standout that he urged everyone attending Mass to go out and see it. I have told many more about it.”

Her conclusion says it all

“Truth will find the light despite the darkness all around.”

Be sure to go to to find out where the movie is playing and also drop me a line after you see it at

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