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Passionate and Committed Miss Delaware boldly speaks out for Life

by | Apr 27, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Miss Delaware Maria Cahill

If you a quick and personal illustration of just how passionately pro-life Maria Cahill is, just go to where the winner of Miss Delaware lays it all on the line. At this point (last August) she was the winner of a regional contest and she is talking about her hopes to win Miss Delaware. Cahill said, “If it takes a crown on my head and wearing a sash to talk to young people” about abortion, “so be it, everything happens for a reason.” She added, “If it takes a crown to save one baby’s life, then I’ve done my job.”

We will already learning  a lot more about “A Charming Ambassador for Life” the title of a piece that ran on online yesterday. A full profile will appear in the Townhall Magazine.

The second oldest of seven children, Cahill tells Mallory Carr that some told her that as Miss Delaware 2011 she should keep silent about abortion. “Instead, Cahill has used her voice as Miss Delaware to stand, unabashed, with the pro-life movement,” Carr writes.

The most interesting quotes surrounding her debunking of abortion as part of a spurious “war on women.” Cahill said, “I feel like people don’t know both sides and they’re not getting to the real root of the problem, and that is another life is at stake. I think getting to the root of the problem is where the solution lies.”

Cahill is no Johnny Come Lately to the Movement. She told Carr that she’s been involved her whole life. “I was always involved growing up,” she told Townhall. “Ever since I can remember, I was volunteering at pro-life events.”

She debated about attending the March for Life this year (as she does every year) as Miss Delaware but she did and is glad of it. Speaking of the people who were so thankful for her boldness, Cahill said, “I think people appreciate having someone else in their corner. I feel the same way about other people that stand up for the prolife movement.”

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