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Pro-Abortion Clergy Team up with California PPFA affiliate to offer “40 Days of Prayer to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal.”

by | Apr 17, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Example Number Two (examples one and three) of the pro-abortionists amazing capacity to say and do the most dreadful things is taking place in a Northern California county  where  “Humboldt County Clergy for Choice” is teaming up with Six Rivers Planned Parenthood (SRPP) in Eureka, California, for “40 Days of Prayer to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal.” As most pro-lifers would recognize, this is a rip-off of the “40 Days for Life” campaign, a conclusion that is adamantly denied.

Fox News reports that “Faith Aloud” is the organization that composed the prayers. According to Fox News,

“Rev. Rebecca Turner, Faith Aloud’s executive director, told that the prayers were written four years ago, but this is believed to be the first time they’ve been used by a Planned Parenthood affiliate. She denied allegations that they are meant to mock the ‘40 Days for Life’ campaign.”

Some of the “prayers” have to be read to be believed. (See

Two interviews with Rev. Turner are very enlightening, one with the pro-abortion website, and the other with Focus on the Family’s “Citizen Link.”

Rev. Turner told Rhrealitycheck that

“Faith Aloud is an interfaith nonprofit organization with a history of 30 years of pro-choice activism. Our mission is to eliminate the religious stigma of abortion and sexuality. We train clergy to talk to women about their pregnancy choices and we receive calls from women all over the country as well as internationally. We also provide spiritual resources for abortion clinics to use to help their religious patients.

“Most women in the US identify as religious, and those seeking abortion are no different.  Our resources, created by clergy of several faith groups, offer support to women during times of distress.”

She alludes to the (what?) hesitancy of ‘an element of the pro-choice community that is less supportive, seeing religion as the problem rather than a part of the solution” to which she immediately adds, “and really I can’t blame them for feeling that.”

To her credit Rev. Turner also gave an interview to the pro-life Citizen Link ( She repeatedly insisted the choice of language had nothing to do with “40 Days for Life.” The 40 days refers to Lent, she said, and these prayers are a way of saying during Lent “there is a compassionate voice out there with religious people who are supportive of women in difficult situations.”

Rev. Turner told Karla Dial of Citizen Link that praying for the unborn is  “misguided”–that in so doing “it completely eliminates the woman. And it is the pregnant woman that we are concerned for.”

So, she is asked, “What about the child? Do you believe that fetus, when it’s aborted, that it’s a child that dies?”

The Rev. Turner begins by saying that the answer going to be different for everyone  and “for me personally, that significantly depends upon the stage of development.”  But later in the same answer she says the right is entirely the woman’s. She concludes with this truly revealing response:

“I think that right comes from God. I think God has always given us, not just the right but the responsibility as women, for knowing when is the right time to start a family and to bring a child into the world, and that it’s irresponsible to bring a child into the world when the community is not ready for it.”

I won’t poke fun at Rev. Turner; that would be unhelpful. But, according to Rev. Turner, to pray for the unborn child—who can only live if the heart of the abortion-inclined woman is turned—is to “eliminate women.” Odd.

And, of course, a family has ALREADY been started with the baby’s conception, not when the woman decides to allow the child to come to term. And who, by the way, is this “community” that is “not ready” for the child?

According to World magazine, “Less than a mile from Planned Parenthood is the county’s pro-life alternative, Pregnancy Care Center of the North Coast.” Mary Jackson ends her story

“Faith Center Church is one of 20 local congregations that financially supports [Executive Director Cindy Broese Van] Groenou’s pregnancy center, founded in 1994. Last fall the pregnancy center opened its first medical clinic and now offers ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and post-abortion counseling.

“Groenou says since Planned Parenthood’s vigil started, she’s received numerous calls of support from local pastors and pro-life groups nationwide. One woman called her Wednesday saying 60 people in North Carolina are praying for them, she said.

“And now, Pregnancy Care Center may start their own prayer initiative.”

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