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Republicans Grow more intensively supportive of Romney; Obama remains polarizing

by | Apr 25, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Mitt Romney

I’m not telling you anything you either don’t already know or could have anticipated, but it is remarkable that  no matter how good the news for pro-life presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, somehow it isn’t.

For example, here’s the headline from a post from Gallup:“Romney’s Image Becomes More Strongly Polarized by Party.” Now, granted, the subhead concedes, “Obama remains a more polarizing figure than Romney,” but the bulk of the post is about how Republicans love Romney more (now that Rick Santorum has suspended his campaign) and Democrats love him less. Hello? THAT is surprising?

In one sense, yes. How many times have you read or heard variations of “Republicans don’t feel warm about Romney” or that the primary fight has “weakened” (the implication is forever) the former governor of Massachusetts?

But, in fact, it turns out (according to Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones) “Mitt “Romney’s Positive Intensity Score has increased among Republicans since he became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, to +21 from +13 last month.” (The scores indicate the percentage of respondents with a strongly positive view of a candidate minus the percentage with a strongly negative view.) That is a HUGE jump. And, surprise, surprise, Democrats are headed in the opposite direction.

But the difference between the way partisans of the opposite party feel toward the two candidates again illustrates a point that Gallup has made repeatedly: Obama is an intensely polarizing figure. Jones writes,

“Obama still generates a lot more intense feeling in both directions than does Romney. His +36 score among Democrats is 15 points better than Romney’s corresponding +21 among Republicans, and Obama’s -47 score among Republicans is much higher than Romney’s -30 among Democrats.”

Think about that for a second. More than half again as many Republicans (47%) have a strongly negative view of Obama than Democrats (30%) have a strongly negative view of Romney!

There is no chance Republicans will suddenly feel warm and fuzzy toward Obama and every reason to believe Republicans will grow more intensely supportive of Romney as he closes in on officially being the nominee.

This, folks, is BIG news!

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