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Silverman’s Hoax Pregnancy and Hoax Abortion

by | Apr 17, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Sarah Silverman

Often pro-abortionists are, at best, tacky in their utterances, but other times  their tastelessness seems limitless. At National Right to Life News Today for Monday, we’ll look at three examples at what passes for candor and/or “humor.” Here is number one. (Examples two and three)

Sarah Silverman is (I guess) a comedienne, with (for sure) a track record of what her defenders (aka entertainment reporters) describe as her “politically incorrect” abortion comments. The latest example, as many of you have heard, appeared on her Twitter account where she tweeted Friday about a hoax pregnancy and a hoax abortion.

There were actually two photos that accompanied the tweets. The first was of Silverman and her boyfriend in which Silverman appeared pregnant. (Given her “humor, “ the caption, “It’s a burrito!” could have been read to confirm or to mock.) A few hours later she tweeted a photo of herself in the same outfit minus overt signs of a pregnancy, accompanied by “Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.”

The “R v W” is, of course, Roe v. Wade, and the impulse apparently was the reality that pro-life Mitt Romney had become the presumptive Republican nominee to go against pro-abortion incumbent Barack Obama for whom Silverman shilled in 2008.

The good news—I’m always looking for silver linings—is that some of the stories (in explaining Silverman’s motivation) excerpted from Gov. Romney’s remarks on the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. In full, he said

“Today marks the 39th anniversary of one of the darkest moments in Supreme Court history, when the court in Roe v. Wade claimed authority over the fundamental question regarding the rights of the unborn. The result is millions of lives since that day have been tragically silenced. Since that day, the pro-life movement has been working tirelessly in an effort to change hearts and minds and protect the weakest and most vulnerable among us. Today, we recommit ourselves to reversing that decision, for in the quiet of conscience, people of both political parties know that more than a million abortions a year cannot be squared with the good heart of America.”

Gov. Romney also issued a statement on the March for Life

“In great number, men and women from across our country are gathered today on the Mall in Washington in the cause of defending the rights of the unborn. In their ranks are many who remember the day when Roe v. Wade was announced. Also among them are thousands of young Americans born after 1973 whose idealism and good hearts will continue to represent the passion and resolve of the pro-life movement. All of them are marching today in the spirit of compassion and mercy, and I share their commitment to laws that protect the innocent and uphold a culture of life. We take heart that we are winning this issue step by step, and I look forward to working arm and arm with the pro-life movement until the wrong of Roe v. Wade has been set right.”

Should pro-lifers be incensed at Silverman? What would be the point? This is just an updated version of her “abortion montage” from her Comedy Central show of years past when she “poked fun” at the three abortions she is shown imaging having to great yucks.

And besides, if you think about it, Silverman loves President Obama and can’t stand Gov. Romney. What better “endorsement” could either have?

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