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What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Cutting Through the Planned Parenthood Hype”

by | Apr 24, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

NRLC President Carol Tobias

National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias begins the week with a polite but straightforward second look at Planned Parenthood’s successful attack on Komen for the Cure. You remember Komen dared to suggest that funding organizations that directly provide services to women would be a better use of its resources. In response Planned Parenthood unleashed the media hounds and Komen beat a hasty retreat. (For the latest see “Komen’s Capitulation is Complete”)

Mrs. Tobias notes

“A recent article extolled the ability of Planned Parenthood to make more money than it would have lost from Komen for the Cure by publicizing its situation online. (Keep in mind that not a nickel was ever withheld—it had to do with future grants—and, in any event, the money from Komen is a drop in the bucket for the abortion giant).”

But that does not stop $1 billion PPFA corporation from portraying itself as a “victim.” That same Forbes story has a link to a list that Forbes generated titled, “The 200 Largest U.S. Charities.”  And guess who is featured there?  Planned Parenthood Federation of America, ranked 27th in total revenue, which is listed as $1,023,000,000.

Mrs. Tobias points out

“And you know who you do not see in this list?  Groups like National Right to Life who works to protect innocent human life minus the enormous wealth, star power, and media influence enjoyed by pro-abortion groups. The irony is hard to miss. Pro-abortionists have virtually unlimited access to state and federal dollars and are adored by Hollywood millionaires and billionaires, but that never stops them from continually attempting to recast themselves as the impoverished underdogs. “

But the most important thing to remember is not that PPFA is awash in money or a media favorite is, as Mrs. Tobias declares, that

“The real victims are the one whose lives are threatened, the ones whose lives are taken from them daily, who also cannot speak for themselves.”

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