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9-month-pregnant mother and her baby survive horrific attack

by | May 30, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Sometimes the savagery of the violence committed against pregnant women is so stunning I am reluctant to write about it. But I felt I ought to talk as briefly as possible about a case described by the deputy police chief  as “one of the most … maniacal crimes we have seen in our city.”

Two men were charged Tuesday with multiple offenses in the case of a 22-year-old woman, nine months pregnant, “who reportedly was kidnapped, shot and set afire this weekend,” The Detroit Free Press reported.  “Authorities have charged Antonio Mathis and Jamal Rogers, both 22, with assault with intent to murder, conspiracy to commit assault with intent to murder and felony firearm possession,” reported Charles E. Ramirez. “The charge of assault with intent to murder is a felony punishable by up to life in prison.”

If that weren’t awful enough Warren [Michigan] Police Detective Paul Houtos told the newspaper that “The family has asked that we not release any more information about (the victim),” adding, “The family fears retaliation” against the victim, her newborn son, and themselves.

District Judge Matthew Sabaugh scheduled a probable cause hearing for the two men on June 7. Both have pled not guilty.

According to the Free Press, the ordeal began last Friday when the mother went to a movie with Rogers, her ex-boyfriend and the child’s father. What follows is too ghastly to recount in detail except to say that early the next day, after being driven around, the mother survived being bound, doused with lighter fluid and lit up, after which Rogers “allegedly then fired two shots at [the mother] one of which struck her in the back but missed vital organs.” She played dead and the man left.

Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green told WXYZ television that the man said two things to the mother before setting her on fire.

“He said ‘you know why this is happening’ and then he asked her about how far along she was,” Green said.

Ramirez reports that Warren Deputy Police Chief Louis Galasso had no updates on the woman but that he was told “doctors had to perform an emergency cesarean-section.”  A spokeswoman with DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital “would not confirm whether Bowman had given birth at the facility, although DMC officials confirmed she had been admitted to Detroit Receiving Hospital over the weekend.” Elsewhere in the story Ramirez reports that the mother delivered her baby on Tuesday.

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