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Abortion Clinic says “like” us on Facebook and get 10% off!

by | May 2, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

I like to end each day’s edition of National Right to Life News Today on a lighter note, OR with one that reveals who it is that makes up the forces we fight. Today is the latter.

A colleague at NRLC forwarded a link to the webpage of a local Northern Virginia abortion clinic which congratulates the viewer for having “logged onto a very unique multi-specialty health care practice.”

Part of that uniqueness is that the abortion clinic partners “with pro-active clients.” At what a range of services for these pro-active clients!

After they dispose of her unborn child, because of the “overlap” in services, the woman can take advantage of “medical skin care.” Nothing like clearing up some acne, or removing a few wrinkles, warts, or unwanted facial hair to make the day complete. Let’s hear it for “a collaborative effort of multiple providers who can assess and treat you in a more holistic manner.”

And to encourage the client to take advantage of these “multiple providers,” the webpage tells you ”And if you ‘like’ us on Facebook you can receive a discount coupon for services”—10%!

And, no, I am NOT making this up.

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