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Abortion: “the defining moral conflict of our epoch”

by | May 10, 2012

National Post columnist Barbara Kay

By Dave Andrusko

Barbara Kay is a columnist for the Canadian newspaper, the National Post. I have read many of her pro-life columns, and profited from them. She always reminds the reader that Canada is the only developed nation with NO abortion law, which is enough to set the pro-abortionist’s teeth on edge. (The truth often has that effect.)

She comes to her pro-life convictions from a secular point of view, which is fine. There are many rooms in the pro-life mansion, although it would help if Kay would have more patience for those in the Movement powered by religious conviction that live across the hall. (She really is unkind to those she dismisses as nothing more than “no-exceptions, religious anti-abortionists.”)

Her column this week is headlined “Confronting abortion, ‘the defining
moral conflict of our epoch,’” which uses a new book (or “polemic”) that I have not read as a jumping off point. The title is, A Refuge for the Unborn: The case against abortion on Prince Edward Island, written by Jackson Doughart.

Rather than paraphrase the remarkable situation of Prince Edward Island (PEI), let me offer Kay’s quick summary:

“P.E.I. is the only province that does not provide abortion services.
(According to the Canada Health Act, it is not obliged to. Provinces
are mandated to provide ‘necessary required services,’ but it is the
province that decides what is ‘necessary’ and what isn’t.) So far,
it has been a combination of the P.E.I. government’s reluctance to
change the status quo, and most island doctors’ reluctance to perform
abortions, that keeps the current arrangement operative.”

Pro-choice before he took a class that dismissively treated the unborn;
and after “watching a stomach-turning video of an actual abortion,”
ultimately “Doughart arrived at a conviction that abortion is ‘the defining moral conflict of our epoch’ — and one that the judiciary has no right to resolve,” Kay writes. “From that conviction sprang his lean, but powerful book.”

For our purposes here, what’s most interesting is how Doughart uses the
PEI situation to take on the broader issue of abortion. His book, Kay writes, “covers all the ethical, political and legal parameters of the abortion debate. His exposure of the intellectual incoherence of militant pro-choicers around the issue of sex-selection abortion, for example, explains why pro-abortionists so often eschew debate (spuriously demurring that the issue has been ‘settled’ once and for all).”

That is such a powerful reminder of one of THE key differences between
the United States and everywhere else where abortion has been legalized. Nobody but nobody actually believes that the abortion issue is “settled” in the United States, although pro-abortionists fervently wish it was. Why is the abortion issue not “settled”?

In one word—you!—which is why I am so honored to work with grassroots pro-lifers from one end of this country to the other.

Take five minutes out and read “Confronting abortion, ‘the defining moral conflict of our epoch,’” at
barbara-kay-confronting-abortion-the-defining-moral-conflict-of-our-epoch.  I promise that you will share it with your pro-life friends.

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