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Bad News Continues to Mount for Obama

by | May 17, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Lots and lots of interesting stories these last 24 hours, suggesting the Obama team is more nervous than previous accounts suggested, and with good reason. Unquestionably Monday’s New York Times/CBS News poll brought these mounting apprehensions to the surface.

As National Right to Life News Today reported, the results showed pro-life Mitt Romney ahead of pro-abortion Barack Obama by three points, but, adding insult to injury (from the President’s perspective), the poll found Obama trailed Romney among women, 44% to 46%.

The Obama Administration immediately went on the offensive, insisting that “The methodology was significantly biased,” according to Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s deputy campaign manager, appearing on MSNBC. “It is a biased sample.” The Times stood by the results; CBS News chose not to respond.

Wednesday’s news from Gallup was worse. Under the subhead, ”Historical Comparisons Are Mostly Inauspicious for Obama,” Gallup’s Lydia Saad concluded, “Comparing today’s economic and political ratings with those from previous years when presidents sought re-election reveals that today’s climate is more similar to years when incumbents lost than when they won.”

POLITICO summarized the results, writing, “The polling firm reports Wednesday that Obama’s approval rating remains below 50 percent; that only about a quarter of the country is satisfied with the direction of the country; and that economic issues remain the primary concern for two-thirds of Americans.” Tim Mak added, “In particular, Obama’s job approval rating averaged 47 percent during the first full week of March.”

This on top of all that came down last week. Writing on National Journal Daily, Josh Kraushaar pointed to a “glaring disconnect” between this conventional wisdom “and the fundamentals” which do not bode well for the President.

It’s not just the obvious—an economy limping along and the public’s abiding dislike for Obama’s “signature” domestic achievement, ObamaCare.

Kraushaar cited Obama’s approval ratings “stuck at 47 percent against Mitt Romney in all three surveys, with the small slice of undecided voters tilting against the president.” Likewise, “Obama’s scores on the economy are worsening, even as voters still have mixed feelings on who’s to blame.”

It’s actually worse than that for President Obama. Not so long ago a majority still blamed former President Bush. However “In the Battleground survey, nearly as many voters now blame Obama for the state of the economy (39 percent) as those who don’t think it’s his fault (40 percent).”

And worst of all, almost twice as many people believe the country is on the wrong track (59%) as think the country is on the right track (33%, according to two recent polls. On top of that, Kraushaar cited what he called “the waning enthusiasm of his base—college-age voters, African-Americans, and Hispanics.”

And to take just one more piece of news whose significance cannot be overstated, a month ago Romney and Obama were essentially tied in North Carolina. According to today’s Rasmussen Reports, Romney is now ahead 51% to 43%. Obama narrowly carried the state in 2008 and the Democrats are having their national convention in the Tar Heel State.

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