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Bristol Palin Loves Trig, Laments that most babies with Down Syndrome are aborted

by | May 16, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Bristol Palin. Most pro-lifers vividly remember Sarah Palin’s daughter, a young girl who during the 2008 presidential campaign was a punching bag for those who hated a family that not only stood by their unmarried pregnant daughter but also joyfully welcomed a baby who was prenatally diagnosed as having Down syndrome.

Like a million other pro-lifers, I wrote about Bristol (who had her baby in December 2008) and about her brother Trig, the baby Sarah Palin had when she was 44. In her latest blog post (“Stand with the 8% – Down Syndrome Babies Who Weren’t Aborted”), Bristol talks about Trig, “the best brother.”

She tells us about her love for her brother and how she and her sister, Willow,

“always talk about how lovable Trig is, and how we’d take him over any so-called “normal” kid anyday! He’s way cooler than people with fewer chromosomes. I’d have a Down syndrome baby in a heartbeat, and I know anyone else would if they saw any sort of glimpse of how perfect my little brother is.”

The inspiration for this post was something Bristol said she saw on Facebook. The “I am one of the 8%” is a play on the 1% slogan of the Occupy Wall Street movement and refers to the small percentage of babies who are not aborted when their parents learn the baby has Down syndrome.

Bristol then writes down the language of the Facebook image that is rather tiny. It begins

I have Down Syndrome, and my parents didn’t abort me.
I am one of the 8%.
I may never be the captain of a high school team.
I may never win a national spelling bee.
I might not go to an Ivy League college.
It might take me a little longer to learn sometimes.
I might not ever be the tallest, fastest, or smartest.


I will show you how to love unconditionally.
I will show you how to be joyful no matter what.
I will not have your handicaps of malice, hatred, prejudice, discontentment, and arrogance.
My parents and family love me exactly how I am.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

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