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NARAL Endorses Obama, Cites “Highlights” of his “accomplishments”

by | May 17, 2012

By Dave Andrusko


NARAL President Nancy Keenan and President Obama

While not exactly something to hold the presses over, NARAL Tuesday endorsed pro-abortion President Barack Obama for a second term.

“The difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney on choice is clear and stark,” said NARAL President Nancy Keenan. “We will make sure that voters understand the importance of re-electing President Obama. We are ready to go to battle and work every day to keep a pro-choice leader in the White House.”

Keenan went on to emphasize that NARAL “will focus on a key bloc of women voters in battleground states. Choice is the issue that compels this segment to support President Obama once he is contrasted with a candidate with extreme anti-choice views.” Of course, this assessment came out the day after a new CBS News/New York Times poll showed Romney running ahead of Obama, including with women.

In its press release NARAL offered “Highlights of President Obama’s Accomplishments for Women’s Reproductive Rights.” They are in abortion-speak, but decoded they include

  • Obama’s repeal of the Mexico City policy under which funds in the U.S. “population assistance” program went only to overseas organizations that pledged not to “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning.” The repeal put hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into the hands of organizations that aggressively promote abortion as a population-control tool in the developing world.
  • President Obama not only refunded the UNFPA, he boosted spending for it. As National Right to Life has made clear, “The UNFPA is a cheerleader and facilitator for China’s birth-quota program, which relies heavily on coerced abortion. Top UNFPA officials have been completely cozy with China’s birth-quota bosses. For 20 years, top UNFPA leaders have consistently praised China’s program and attacked its critics.” The irony is, of course, that even as NARAL is praising Obama for championing UNFPA, human rights champion Chen Guancheng has been persecuted mercilessly for exposing China’s program of coerced abortion.
  • NARAL gives Obama high-fives for pledging to veto the “No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act” (H.R. 3). H.R. 3 would codify the principles of the Hyde Amendment on a permanent, government-wide basis, applicable to both longstanding federal health programs and to the new programs created by ObamaCare. Likewise for attacking the Protect Life Act (H.R. 358) which would nullify the multiple abortion-expanding provisions of the ObamaCare.
  • NARAL congratulates the Obama Administration for doing everything it can to eliminate conscience protections; for mandating that religious institutions and individuals of conscience pay for health insurance plans that cover medical procedures and drugs contrary to their religious beliefs and consciences; and, of course, for ObamaCare, which will provide funding for health plans that pay for abortion on demand, and will lead to the rationing of lifesaving medical treatments.

NARAL is quite correct: the contrast between pro-life Mitt Romney and pro-abortion Barack Obama is “clear and stark.” Both NARAL and pro-lifers will be doing their best to make sure the American public knows who stands for life and who stands for death.

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