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Pro-Abortionists continue to try to thwart commonsense Virginia abortion clinic regulations

by | May 11, 2012

Virginia State Capitol

By Dave Andrusko

   Pro-abortion activists are not giving up on their last ditch effort to voice their opposition to Virginia’s new regulations which requires abortion clinics to be regulated like hospitals. The regulations, in place since January 1, apply to any abortion provider in


Virginia who provides five or more first-trimester abortions a month.

   The object of their campaign? The State Board of Health, which is set to vote on permanent regulations on June 15. The regulations are part of “the overall war on women,” said Molly Vicks, an activist who took part in Thursday’s events

   According to WTVR, pro-abortion activists are “taking their case straight to the doors of the state’s top lawmakers and health officials” by “bombard[ing] all 15 members of the board of health, as well as the state’s topic lawmakers with phone calls, e-mails and even personal visits voicing their opposition to the regulations.”

    When the regulations were passed, the mantra was they were intended not to protect women but to drive abortion clinics out of business. But in fact

“since the regulations came into effect, 20 clinics have submitted applications  saying they intend to comply with the new standards. Two clinics have said they will perform less than five first-trimester abortions a month, excluding them from the requirement. One has stopped providing abortions.”

   That information first became public in late April when the Examiner filed a open-records request. When that story broke, NRL News Today quoted Erik Bodin, of the state Health Department’s Office of Licensure and Certification, who told the Examiner’s Steve Contorno, “We didn’t get anything that said, ‘This was the end for us,’” adding, “The health department will now conduct on-site inspections and review the compliance plans.”

   Faced with the facts that they had peddled panic, abortionists pushed Armageddon off into the future. “It wasn’t a veiled threat at all,” Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, protested to the Examiner. “All of these clinics are trying to do what they can to meet these regulations, but we don’t know what’s going to happen yet.”

   So the next dodge is to say that future renovations could cost clinics between $150,000 and $3 million each, according to Keene. Of course, she could have said the renovations could cost $10 million each.

   But the public sees through all this. Last fall we wrote about a Quinnipiac University poll that found that there was an overwhelming 55% to 22% response in favor of “tougher abortion rules” (as the poll’s headline phrased it) that transcended all categories—male/female, black/white, Republican/Democratic/Independent.

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