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Romney’s win in Texas makes him the now-certain Republican presidential nominee, more outstanding results in new poll

by | May 30, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life Mitt Romney

On the day after pro-life Mitt Romney became the now-certain Republican presidential nominee– with his win in Texas, Romney surpassed the 1,144 delegates needed to become his party’s candidate–there was so much good news it would be difficult to know where to start.

By way of background, in Part Nine I talk about the growing unease among Democrats and many “mainstream journalists” that President Obama is going so negative that he may obliterate altogether the image of a “new kind of President” that help get him elected in 2008. The unpleasant underside of Obama’s personality and his team’s approach to re-electing him is unnerving many supporters.

On the plus side—and it is as huge as it ought to have been expected—Gov. Romney’s personal popularity numbers have reached all-time high. It is this yawning gap between Romney and Obama that has helped keep Democrats’ spirits high.

Referring to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, the Post’s Jon Cohen writes today

“Overall, Romney’s favorability rating still trails President Obama’s, but the gap is far narrower than it’s been. In the new poll, 41 percent of all Americans express positive views of Romney; 52 percent do so for Obama. Just over a month ago, the president had a 56 to 35 percent advantage on this score.”

In other words, a 21 point different has essentially been halved—to 11 points.

But there are two other facets that when held up to the light shine even brighter for Romney.

First, among registered voters, there are almost exactly as many who hold a negative (48%) opinion of Obama as positive (49%).For Romney, “it’s an even-up 44 percent on both sides of the equation, marking the first time since January that voter sentiment hasn’t tilted away from him,” Cohen writes. To be clear, among registered voters the margin is not 11 points but one point!

Second, among the 1,021 randomly selected adults, there has been a huge swing among Republican women. In mid-April only 59% had a favorable view of Romney. Now 80% of GOP women have a favorable impression–in other words, up more than a third in less than a month!

The other good news is that Planned Parenthood’s political arm is going after Romney hammer and tong in ad that will run in three battleground states: Virginia, Iowa, and Florida. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is to truth what matter is to anti-matter. Its ad is so ridiculous that even the New York Times ever-so-cautiously balked.

In his story the Times’ Michael D. Shear quotes from the ad:

“When Mitt Romney says, ‘Planned Parenthood, we’re going to get rid of that,’” the ad says, “Romney is saying he’ll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on.”

In the mildest of rebukes, Shear writes

“That statement can be misleading [!]. Mr. Romney was answering a question about what federal funding he would target for elimination or reductions if he is elected. His campaign has said he wants to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood, not the organization itself.”

PPFA’s response to this outrageous distortion?

“[O]fficials at the Planned Parenthood Action Fund said women understand the context of his remarks.”

NRL News Today has written a number of stories outlining why PP’s Action Fund says it is supporting pro-abortion President Obama. (For example, see

In those endorsements, NARAL mentions among other “achievements” Obama’s repeal of the Mexico City policy under which funds in the U.S. “population assistance” program went only to overseas organizations that pledged not to “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning.” The repeal put hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into the hands of organizations that aggressively promote abortion as a population-control tool in the developing world.

In addition, President Obama not only refunded the UNFPA, he boosted spending for it. As National Right to Life has made clear, “The UNFPA is a cheerleader and facilitator for China’s birth-quota program, which relies heavily on coerced abortion. Top UNFPA officials have been completely cozy with China’s birth-quota bosses. For 20 years, top UNFPA leaders have consistently praised China’s program and attacked its critics.”

The irony is, of course, that even as NARAL is praising Obama for championing UNFPA, human rights champion Chen Guancheng has been persecuted mercilessly for exposing China’s program of coerced abortion.

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