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Story Reveals British National Health Service Spending Millions to pay for Repeat Abortions

by | May 15, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Like Canada, Great Britain essentially has abortion on demand and the abortion industry is desperate to keep a “conversation” from being “re-opened.”

The latest numbers from Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is only adding fuel to the flame, making it harder to keep a lid on the ethics of abortion.

A story over the weekend in the Daily Mail was headlined, “NHS spends £1m a week on repeat abortions: Single women using terminations ‘as another form of contraceptive.’”

The secondary headline is even more startling: “Some women have returned for as many as nine terminations in their lifetime, Repeat abortions most prevalent in London, Half of terminations in Croydon were on women who had previously had at least one abortion.”

That’s good headline writing; it’s easy to see why the Daily Mail predicts the revelations “will fuel the debate on whether abortions ….are being sanctioned as more of a lifestyle choice than a medical requirement.”

Here are some specifics from the Daily Mail story:

·         In 2010, the latest year for which figures are available, 64,000 of the 189,000 abortions were on women who had already aborted one baby. Around a third of all abortions carried out in England and Wales are repeats.

·         In one London borough half of all abortions are on women who have already aborted at least one baby. “Of the 23 primary care trust areas with the highest proportion of repeat abortions, 21 were in London,” according to Daniel Martin.

·         “Across all age groups, a total of 85 women had an abortion despite having had seven previous terminations.”

One of the fiercest debates over the past year was an unsuccessful attempt to have someone other than the abortion clinic “counsel”  the women. “Critics of the current legislation said terminations have become just another form of contraception because of the lack of independent counseling at clinics which leads to women making the choice to have an abortion rather than continue with their pregnancy,” Martin writes.

On top of that, as National Right to Life News Today has reported previously, the Abortion Establishment has responded furiously to news of at least two other scandals.

One in which many abortion clinics were caught on film agreeing to perform sex-selective abortions. The second found doctors at many British abortion clinics were routinely falsifying their paperwork. Abortionists do not have to see a woman seeking an abortion in person, but they must certify that they are aware of her circumstances and why she wants to go ahead with the abortion.

Inspections undertaken by the Care Quality Commission discovered that as many as a fifth of clinics were pre-signing consent forms for the abortionist.

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